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  1. J

    Alpine System sounds bad

    Hey all. Just picked up a 2022 Laramie with the alpine system. Noticed the tweeters in the dash and headliner have a crackling sound as if there’s a bad connection somewhere or the speakers are just not good. But it’s all of them not just one. Anyone had this issue before and was able to fix it...
  2. rushingad

    Low volume from door speaker locations

    Need some audio advice. I have a 2020 Bighorn 1500 with the Alpine system and the 6x9s in the door panels seem to have barely any sound coming from them. At max volume I can hold my ear directly against the speaker and not really hear much. I'm honestly concerned that there's a problem with my...
  3. JBA

    Alpine C1 connector signals between Infotainment and Amp

    Hello, Is there any info available on the signals wires from the Infotainment 12” screen to the Alpine amp (amp connector #1)? At this point in the signal chain do they have PEQ correction, any dynamic limiters etc, do they have a dc offset, what is their voltage range, and are they fixed or...
  4. Mcallowa

    Surround Sound Volume

    Have a 2019 with alpine. Recently the speakers started blaring an extreme volume level only while on surround sound setting. With the volume at 1, it sounds maxed out with feedback hitting the speakers as well. With surround sound turned off, the speakers/volume function at normal levels. Any...
  5. djevox

    ANC removed for 2022 Alpine system?

    I just put a sub and amp in my 2022 Laramie with the nine speaker alpine system. I noticed that I only have two microphones in the headliner, but according to every wiring diagram I can find on the Alpine system, I should have ANC. Does anybody know if the microphone locations moved for 2022...
  6. djevox

    CDT Audio center channel speaker

    I talked to CDT Audio today about swapping out the center channel on my Alpine system to one of their 3” speakers. They suggested the ES-03DVC, which (on paper) looks like a great solution. The only thing they couldn’t tell me was whether the depth of the speaker fits the space in the dash...
  7. D

    2021 Ram improved dash speakers?

    Bought 2 pairs of Infinity Reference 3032CFX to replace the three dash speakers in my 21' Big Horn 1500 with Alpine. Swapped the speakers out and was expecting a significant improvement. To our surprise, neither wife and I noticed anything different. I took a closer look at the OEM speakers, and...
  8. K

    Alpine amp upgrade.

    ** Newbie**I purchased the DSR1 to replace the factory amp. I’m running kicker Cxa 800.1 for my 2 10” subs. How can I wire the dsr1 for all the door speakers, dash speakers. Which amp? 4 channel? For 9 speakers? Or 6 channel? Has anyone installed the dsr1 with alpine system? Any info would be...
  9. 1

    Installing a subwoofer and amplifier with the alpine system

    Hi I'm new here. I have a 2019 ram 1500 bighorn with the alpine 9 speaker sound system. I am trying to add a 12 inch alpine type r and a Rockford fosgate 1200d amplifier to the factory alpine system. I'm having a tough time finding a working diagram to figure out which wires to tap my pac lp7-2...
  10. M

    My Amp Rack

    I mentioned in other posts that I was upgrading my sound system, but due to the Las Vegas heat, I'm not in any rush. I cannot get my truck into my garage, and working on it in the driveway with no shade and 100-115 degree temps is a bit much to deal with. I got my sub box all setup, and now...
  11. R

    Subs in a Quad Cab? Update Oct. '20

    I'm wondering if anyone has put in a custom sub installation in a QuadCab...specifically a Rebel? Having thoughts of getting 2 8's or 2 10's for under the rear seats. This is with the Alpine system and E-Torque so I wonder how the electrical system would take a hit with another amp. I would...