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  1. R

    Alfaobd help

    I have a 2020 ram 1500 bighorn crew cab and I messed up real bad with alfa. I changed something that is giving me a service air bag, service Abs, and service electronic stability control lights and forgot to make a log of the stock settings any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Jonandyork

    RC speedo cal or Alfaobd

    So after going round and round about dropping the $170 on the RC or going the Alfa route after everything I have read I finally decided with my future plans the Alfa would be the better option. So I jumped in feet first, after setup and changing the fog light drop out off I am happy with the...
  3. SouthernGypsy

    Camera System Unavailable after using DiagFCA / AlfaOBD?

    On my new 2021 Longhorn 2500HD Cummins 4x4 last night I finally got in my bypass for the security gateway, plugged it in, activate DiagFCA and tried to activate AlfaOBD (though most things in that one are not working) do so some simple changes such as preventing the fog lights from going off...
  4. Evank33

    Euro taillight

    I saw a video of a Ram in Germany and noticed the led taillights illuminated differently. Top light was only the brake light and the bottom was only the turn signal. I'm interested if I'm able to do this with alfaobd on my truck and what settings I'd have to change for this to work
  5. Maintf16

    Etorque not working without seatbelt

    I was curious if anyone knows if there is a way using alfaobd to change the setting where etorque will not work if your seatbelt is not connected. I like the etorque feature and would like it to work even if I forget to buckle up.
  6. K

    Odometer adjustment on a 2019 Ram 5500 alfaobd

    Hello folks new member here ! Has anyone had any luck Adjusting odometer on a 2019 Ram 5500 using Alfaobd software along with a securely bypass harness - if so - did you Succeed ? If not - do you have any other suggestions on how to do it ? If you are familiar with Alfa Obd - how do you force...