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  1. D

    35's with 3.21 eco diesel

    Hello fam, I have a 22 ecodiesel 1500 with factory tires/wheels (22's) and 3.21 gears. im wanting to put on 35's. Im not concerned with rubbing (have revel links coming in mail) but I am concerned with wear and tear to the transmission and possible major hit to mpg's. Ive seen quite a few people...
  2. boogielander

    35x12.5R18 on Performance Orientated Lift - a Overview, Procedure, and Review.

    In this thread, I will be detailing the info regarding the tire choice, suspension choice, and trimming needed. Note: My procedure involves irreversible modification to the truck, so consult a professional of your choice and proceed at your own risk. This thread is to SHARE HOW I DID mine and...
  3. J

    2020 Ram 1500 Speedometer calibration and Park Sense issue, any ideas or suggestions?

    Hello everyone! I need you guys’ help on my 2020 Ram 1500 Laramie. I recently changed my stock tires 275/55R20 to 35x12.5R20. As a result my speedometer was off. I took it to the dealership and showed them the Star Online Publication Case S2008000110 for changing tire size. They tried doing it...
  4. B

    Wheel spacers and 35”s

    I know there’s already been some wheel spacer threads but I’m looking for something a little more specific. Just ordered my leveling kit and I’m trying to decide between keeping the stock wheels or not. If I keep the stock wheels, I’d want to do spacers and 35”s or atleast something like a...
  5. W

    Please post your setup with 35” tires and 24” rims

    Hey guys I’m new here. I bought my 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie about a year ago, and starting to dabble in some customization. Im really considering getting a 6” rough country lift with chrome 24” snowflake replica rims and 35” tires. Would love to see if anyone has anything similar on here that I can...
  6. MRog40

    2020 Ram Limited 1500 Air Ride Non-ORP Stock Rims 1.5" Wheel Spacers BFGoodrich KO2

    Hi Guys, first post on the forum. I've never done aftermarket wheels before and I'm looking for some advice. Thanks in advance for any help. What I'm Working With: Stock 20x9 rims with factory tires Non-Off Road Package Air Ride And I want to keep the stock look while getting better snow...
  7. NoOtherHobby

    Question about 37s vs 35s

    Hey all, I'm in process of planning a build for the summer on my 2020 Rebel 5.7etorque. Looking closely at the 6" lifts from both BDS (fox coils) and RC (vertex coils). As part of the planning process, I've been looking at wheel/tire combos to go with the lift and had a general question about...
  8. Landram

    2019 Ram 2wd V6 with 3.5" lift and 35s

    Just wanted to put some information out there for those that are looking to put a lift on a 3.6l ram. I went with the 3.5" Ready Lift and 35x12.50R20 Hankook AT2s. 6mm spacer on the front end. Rides like a dream. Gas mileage dropped significantly on the highway. I was getting mid 20s now Im...
  9. 75Jimmy

    Lets See Some Rebels with 6112/5160 8th clip on 35s

    This one is for the Rebels owners out there - I just ordered 6112s/5160s, Icon DJ UCAs, and motofab spacers (0.5" front, and 1" rear.), Icon Rebound 18x9 wheels and 35x12.5x18 BFG KO2s. I'd love to see some pics of Rebels with the 6112/5160 setup on setting 8. Also, would love to hear your...
  10. ErnestRocks19

    Readylift 3.5" Kit w/ 35x12.50x18.

    Has anybody done this setup yet? If you have I'd love to see some pics as 4wheelparts is saying they can do but all the lift kits are calling for 20" wheels. It comes with 18" stock on the bighorn just wondering what rubbing or cutting needs to be done if any.