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    General Motors workers end strike, but...... proud of RAM and to be a RAM owner

    HD Rams are staying in Mexico now. Warren Assembly will be building body on frame Jeeps and POSSIBLY overflow HD but not likely.
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    Build your 2020 ram online!

    Any idea on production start date for Hydro Blue 2020s?
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    I think 18 is the smallest you can go on any 5th gen
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    UAW to strike at midnight tonight at GM

    You may know that but a lot of people do not.
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    UAW to strike at midnight tonight at GM

    At our plants in Canada we have a 10 year wage progression where it takes us 10 years to reach full rate of pay. We also no longer have Defined Benefit pensions for new hires. All our pensions are Defined Contribution that are stock market based.
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    UAW to strike at midnight tonight at GM

    That 60 dollars an hour is total compensation including benefits. I am confident the hourly pay rate ranges from 15 an hour for temps to 30 for full time employees.
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    UAW to strike at midnight tonight at GM

    I don’t know about the states but up here in Canada you have to work 30 years to collect a pension. 3500 a month is our pension. I don’t know how you can blame auto workers for the price of the vehicle. The Ram HDs are made in Mexico they aren’t any cheaper. Our plant builds the Equinox in...
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    I’m not sure if the 5th gen is the same but I know on my 4th gen there’s a panel above the wheel well that meets the outer body panels that holds moisture in it. Kind of like this if you’re looking at passenger side. \| it has holes and was accessible by pulling out the wheel well liner. I...
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    Mopar’s “Ram Airflow” Cold-Air Intake System For Ram 1500:

    The guys on the TFL Truck have one of these on their Rebel. How did they get it?
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    Security lug nuts?

    I had those on my 2011. A hammer and screw driver makes quick work of that ring and a socket pounded on takes care of the rest. Needed to do it when I broke the key AND the replacement key for the locking nuts.
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    2020 Window Sticker (Laramie Longhorn) That I Tripped Across

    That’d be a hell of a deal in Canada
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    Auto AWD vs 4WD high

    I thought the way it worked on the 4th gens was if you put it into 4WD Auto it wouldn’t engage the front shafts until the truck detected rear wheel slip. Maybe something has changed for 5th gens
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    Post your Rebel pics!

    Any more pictures of the front with the turns for DRLs? That looks awesome
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Could just unplug it so it’s not turned on by accident