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    How to soft reset 12”UConnect

    Did you put the truck in AC mode first?
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    B Pillars Trim Removal

    As someone pointed out earlier in the thread, the '19's don't have the warp on the pillar like the previous years and consequently the same mod can't be done... :(
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    Vanity Mirror Bulb Replacing Help

    What were the bulbs and part numbers you put in?
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    Voice Recognition - anyone get to send text or search address

    This is exactly why I abandoned Apple years ago. It's their way or nothing.
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    Man's best friend

    Second the plush paws. Tried two different ones before that said they would fit but didn't. This one fits perfect.
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    Key Fob Issues

    I'm having the same issue. It's not every time but enough that it's bothersome. Was also thinking maybe a bad battery.
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    Horrific Gas Mileage Hemi eTorque

    According to the regional technical support that I had my salesman contact when I wasn't seeing the ECO light come on this isn't true. As of 19 they directly correlate.
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    I'd love to say good things, but...

    Same here. Just took a 3k road trip and would hear that from time to time. Seems like a vent automatically opening and closing.
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    MDS Question

    In previous years yes. Do you work for Chrysler and can provide some documents to show that the regional rep was wrong?
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    MDS Question

    Not true. I am on a road trip and was getting lower than expected mileage and not seeing the ECO light come on. So I called my sales guy to get clarification on both MDS and the light. He ended up calling the regional RAM technical person. He was told that with the new 19's that the light is now...
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    How to soft reset 12”UConnect

    No. But they seemed very sure of the procedure.
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    How to soft reset 12”UConnect

    Just got off a call from uconnect and they had me do a soft reset. Hold VR and Phone buttons on steering wheel for 30 seconds with vehicle in ACC. Then turn vehicle off, open driver door for 30 seconds. As an aside the reason I called them was because I was not able to reply to text messages...
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    2019 Folding Tonneau Cover: OEM vs BakFlip vs Gator

    Any chance to see how water tight it is?
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    Loaded Laramie vs Limited

    Nope the rear air cooled are not on the level 2 package that I got,