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Recent content by taumaz

  1. taumaz

    Winter Front

    I went all winter last year without any issues. And I live in Canada. The cover is way overpriced imo. That being said, if I already owned one I would put it on.
  2. taumaz

    TSB 18-008-20 throttle lag

  3. taumaz

    TSB 18-008-20 throttle lag

    Had the TSB applied to my truck as well, huge improvement to the response. But the only reason they would actually reflash the PCM was because the TSB included a fix for remote start issues and i had a few saved codes from times it failed to start in cold weather with the remote. So yesterday...
  4. taumaz

    Best oil for eco diesel

    Thank you
  5. taumaz

    Best oil for eco diesel

    Any link to the download ?
  6. taumaz

    EcoDiesel Mileage Report

    My 2020 rebel averages 9L/100km in its first 3600km - 90% hwy. Very happy with the fuel economy. That is about 26mpg.
  7. taumaz


    Do you have the part number for the Rebel specific cover like yours? Thanks.
  8. taumaz

    Rebel 2021 and HUD

    Ok I stand corrected, I took the salesman’s word for it that you could not adjust it. I was never getting that particular truck anyway so I did not investigate any further.
  9. taumaz

    Rebel 2021 and HUD

    I test drove a 2021 rebel this weekend with the HUD, I looked for a button to turn it on for the entire drive and could not figure it out. When I got back I asked the salesman how to turn it on and he replied “its on” ? Turns out I could only see it if i bent down and looked right over the...
  10. taumaz

    Just Drove 3.6L Big Horn

    I am thinking the same (hoping they fix the issues) I almost bought a 2018 ecodiesel, i wanted it so bad, but my buddy who works in the service department strongly advised me against it. He told me they have a mechanic thats done so many ecodiesel swaps he can complete one start to finish in a...
  11. taumaz

    Just Drove 3.6L Big Horn

    I have been getting getting 20 to 21 mpg on mostly hwy (with heavy traffic included) on my 3.6l bighorn 4x4 crew cab. Right now the temps are around 0 celsius, i expect the mpg to increase with warmer weather. I am coming from a 2017 with a hemi and can confidently say the 3.6l gets better...
  12. taumaz

    Differences in shifts - eTorque vs. Non?

    I can not get my foot off the brake and onto the gas faster than the truck restarts, delay is a non issue for me.
  13. taumaz

    New member..3rd Ram

    After the first 3 weeks of ownership I'm still happy with it. I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting into when I bought it. The v6 is nowhere near as much fun as the hemi but it is cheaper to buy and better on fuel (at least by a bit). If I was not using the truck to commute back and...
  14. taumaz

    Fuel Economy numbers posted V6

    I am not sure of my exact city only mpg, but I would say its decent. I will try to get some numbers over the weekend.
  15. taumaz

    Fuel Economy numbers posted V6

    If i worked close to home I would get the Hemi. But, I don't regret buying the 3.6L as it is more suitable for my daily commute. I am definetly getting some fuel savings vs the hemi and I am not towing heavy loads.