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Recent content by StrangeGuy

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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    That looks great!
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    Can my Ram get Coronavirus?

    Nice truck! The perspective angle shots sometimes take me by surprise. For example, the front wheels look quite a bit larger than the rear.
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    Can my Ram get Coronavirus?

    Thanks for that. The following link details each of the 48 deaths within the US. It's pretty clear that the elderly need to be isolated. The first 48 U.S. coronavirus deaths in detail
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    Music Videos featuring RAM

    Thanks. I think that I found that one and it is from 2013. It mentions Dodge Ram but no visual truck that I could see. I really would like to see 5th Gen Rams. "Songs About Trucks" | Official Music Video | Wade Bowen
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    Music Videos featuring RAM

    The first one that I saw. Please add a comment and link as you find them. Blake Shelton - "Hell Right (ft. Trace Adkins)" Thanks! StrangeGuy
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    Off road light bar without drilling roof?

    I would imagine that you could affix magnets to many different light bars. Extremely powerful high-grade Neodymium, grade N42 or higher should work but follow all safety warnings. These are no joke if they crash together.
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    Plastidip 'burnt copper' wheels

    Looks great to me! Can't wait to see it on the truck.
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    Samsung phones now can connect to android auto wirelessly

    That article states that you will need an Android car head unit that supports wireless mode. Does anyone know if 2019/2020 displays support wireless mode? Or does this statement just mean that it needs to support wireless Bluetooth phone connections?
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    California guy looking for a CARB certified CAI system

    Elections matter. I can only guess that years of conservatives not showing up at the polls also matters. Very beautiful state, it is a shame really that this is even a thread.
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    Magnetic Gun Mount

    The video on the website looks nice. If it works that well then I wouldn't worry about making the holes to secure it properly. I would see it as an added bonus gift to the next owner.
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    UAW to strike at midnight tonight at GM

    There are so many things incorrect in this post that it doesn't even deserve a detailed reply, at least not here. It sounds like you don't even live in the USA. In addition, this post is very far off the thread topic. An international activist has plenty of room on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I...
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    UAW to strike at midnight tonight at GM

    Auto union dues tend to only funnel money to one particular party. Even with the Gov bailout, it seems to have been a money-laundering scheme from honest taxpayers to a particular party. I will need to think hard as to if I want to support this by purchasing from USA automaker. I think that we...
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    UAW to strike at midnight tonight at GM

    I think that it is maybe worse than that. I don't know who is correct but the article that I read yesterday had the average at $63.00 per hour. That would amount to $131k. The unions could be biting the hand that feeds them at this point. No wonder companies want to build plants outside of the...
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    How's your mileage?

    I think that a 2x4 Rebel is about 400 lbs less weight. Does anyone think that you would even notice the gas savings if you had a 2x4?
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    “2020” Price Negotiated From MSRP

    I’m also a resident of GA and would be interested in how purchasing a vehicle out of state works. Ultimately you need a license plate in GA. There is a mandatory TAVT tax of 7% I believe. If you purchase in another state do you also have to pay mandatory taxes in that state only to pay again in GA?