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Recent content by Sharpen

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    Pypes out...Borla Atak In!!!

    I personally feel that the factory split and resonators is what was causing the Annoying uneven sound when I was driving between 45-55 mph...The Atak is definitely louder than the Pypes from 0-35 mph but driving 50 mph down a county road it sounds smooth and even,compared to the Muffler...
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    Will S&B work with catch can?

    Here is what I did
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    CCV & Catch can???

    Shouldn't this go into a catch too,instead of dumping right into my intake??
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    S & B Cai ????

    No...I left the plug out since it is about to get cold around here.
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    S & B Cai ????

    I finally got around to installing my S&B....And my Exhaust got Sooo much Quieter...I have never experienced this happening before on any of my other trucks, granted I have never installed a CIA quite that Huge either....Anyone else experience this???
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    B2 Pypes install

    Here is a pic of the muffler...not much baffling material
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    B2 Pypes install

    Yes there is drone...The muffler only has an inch of material,just short of being a straight pipe...Lucky for me I'm the Old guy with Rock cranked up enough to vibrate the windows!!!...Don't hear the exhaust over the Music!
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    B2 Pypes install

    Most Definitely does NOT sound like a Honda!!!...Sounds pretty Bad *** when you stomp on it from a dead stop...The exhaust is fairly loud up to 4 gear and quiets up after that...I am Happy with it for the price.
  9. S


    I wish I would have read this before I purchased the B2 pypes kit
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    Electric locking Differential???

    Thanks for the info
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    Electric locking Differential???

    Cr$p...She is going to be a slip and slide in the snow...Just what I didn't want!..Owner's manual says not to drive over 20mph locked...I guess I should have done more research before my purchase!
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    Electric locking Differential???

    Is the Electric locking Differential limited slip when not engaged???...I have had no luck finding an answer to this question.
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    New member from Chicago burbs

    Just purchased a Patriot Blue 2019 Bighorn CC 153.5 Wb .. 6'4" beb...Level 2 Eqp...Led lighting group...North Edition and Protection group....I love it so far!!!