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Recent content by Nukegm426

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    Help me troubleshoot this led headlights swap issue

    Sounds right... you’ve proven the lights themselves are functioning
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    Manufacturer Recall Number W33

    They’ve been doing this one for awhile now
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    Side mirrors lowering in reverse

    I ran with it on for awhile then turned it off... debated putting it back on because I kinda got used to it lol. I do wish it was adjustable how far down it goes
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    What is up with the brittle glass?

    Had the same thing happen on my rear window... ram claimed impact damage even though there was no evidence of any impact. Glass warranty is one of the hardest claims.
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    How do I find out more?

    they sell quite a few, with different riders for different coverages. Just cruise through the link and it’ll help you out.
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    How do I find out more?

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    How do I find out more?

    Yes but there’s so many questions that could be asked... you looking for coverages? Prices? People’s experience with using one?
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    How do I find out more?

    About what? Hard to answer the question without knowing what it is
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    Can’t lower spare tire

    Looks like this is installed
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    Automatic Brake Engaged

    Mine was extremely sensitive when I bought it... while I had it in for an oil change I had them recalibrate the sensors and it’s a lot better. Occasionally get the false positives but for the most part better.
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    Pre-wired trucks?

    No, while That would make sense to only stock one harness, they would rather save a few cents one having different harnesses.
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    Steering Wheel Does not turn the same left to right

    Are you having an issue driving it? Unless it’s not functioning correctly, at this point it’s an aesthetics thing otherwise.
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    How to tell if wheels have TPMS?

    Scanner, mount them on the truck and drive or physically break the bead down and look for the sensor on the valve stem. That’s the only ways. Externally there’s no way to know. The bigger tire store like discount have a scanner and if you bring them there they can scan the wheels for sensors
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    looking to buy a winch 10k

    Warn... when I worked at 4wp we had a pile of warranty smittybilt winches from them breaking for various reasons. Had one warn come through in the whole time I was there.
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    Updating Nav Maps - Heard back from FCA - Let's Pressure them

    I use it because it’s there but I honestly only cared about the 12” screen not the nav portion lol