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    Fuel Tank Swap

    I would bet that tank swaps like this are so rare that they don’t even know it needs it.
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    Hub-centric? Bore spacers required?

    Chrysler has been hub centric with cone washers for years, but I wouldn’t worry about it. Yes technically it won’t be perfect switching to lug centric on the wheels but hundreds of thousands of vechicles do it all the time and you never notice.
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    Fuel Tank Swap

    Wasn’t there some issue with some trucks not having the bracing for the third strap? Possibly that’s why they didn’t add it. I remember reading about some trucks not having it and people couldn’t find the part to add it with the bigger tank.
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    update made air blow colder

    Strange because I took mine in for it’s first service a couple weeks ago and noticed after they did a recall update on the 12” screen that the a/c blower seems to blow harder when it cranks up sometimes. Almost like it’s Found a higher speed setting.
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    Looking for Leather Seats

    Check with your dealer, mine quoted me around $1200 for the katzkin leather installed. They actually do it at the dealer in this case so takes them about half a day. Most likely this’ll be my next change in a month or two.
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    Utility Bed Rails Install

    I put the rails on mine a couple weeks ago and the holes were a tight fit for the hex shape and I DON’T have a bed liner sprayed in mine yet! I was worried about this exact thing so wanted to put these in before getting the liner.
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    Insurance coverage while offroading

    Most companies won’t cover offroad damage, same as racing damage. A buddy said his State Farm agent told him he was covered offroad but never found out if it was true or not.
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    Will this lead to rust issues?

    Gotcha, I’m paranoid about rust so if I drill into metal I will immediately spritz it with some paint.
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    Fuel Tank Swap

    That’s the kicker, the battery pack is in the cab! It’s on the back wall behind the seat back. There is no physical reason to have done this.
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    Warranty issues

    So just a little info on the magnuson-moss stuff... yes it says they can’t deny warranty claims without proving that part is the problem. However what people fail to realize is HOW they go about proving. Courts! You have to sue them under that act to make them prove it.... which then means they...
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    Fuel Tank Swap

    Depends on what motor you have, standard hemi would give you the 26 unless it’s optioned for the 33. The etorque hemi drops down to the 23 unless optioned to the 33 for some stupid reason.
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    Will this lead to rust issues?

    Is that even metal? It looks like plastic in the picture. Clean the area well, mask off the outside some and paint it both on the wheel well side and the rear of it. You can either do black or there are places online that sell spray cans of color matched paint.
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    Conspiracy Theory....Nitrogen Filled Tires ??

    Having put it in tires at one job before, I can tell You that it’s usually crap. They use regular air to seat the bead then if they aren’t in a rush they’ll dump the air and refill with nitrogen... but usually your getting rushed to finish that job and move to the next so it usually doesn’t get...
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    Orp spring part #s

    Bump for rear orp spring part number?
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    What does everyone do for a living?

    Industrial pump mechanic for the largest rental company.... one benefit is even with the rona we have just kept working.