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Recent content by mxz

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    Tire sizing

    I also have a Sport with stock everything. I am running 305/55/20 BFG KO2's with no issues.
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    Can't customize app drawer/bottom menu bar

    I also can't drag anything to the bottom menu bar on my 2022 with 12" screen.
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    Drag and Drop Apps to Main Menu?

    My 2022 won't allow me to drag anything to the bottom toolbar either. Just tried it yesterday.
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    Should I have gone with the 12" screen?

    Mine won't swipe any away, all I have is these 7. when I drag one it just reorganizes. I can't drag anything from the APP page down there either.
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    Should I have gone with the 12" screen?

    How do you put these down to the bottom of the screen?
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    Tire recommendation please

    I had Cooper Zeon LTZ's on a previous Ram and they were a good all around tire. They are described as an all season sport truck tire.
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    I would take a sound clip but I traded in my 19' Rebel with the Aero XL a month ago lol.
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    Rubber Bed Mat

    I also have the weather tech one. the box liner fits good but the tailgate liner is poor fitting, had to trim a 1/4 inch off the top to make it not catch on my bed cover
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    Washer Fluid Sensor Reliability

    My 2019 Rebel had this sensor issue a few times after using Rain X and it only happened when temperature was below freezing. Went back to the blue stuff and the problem went away.
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    rain sensor

    Are you turning the wipers on to the lowest intermittent setting? The rain sensor on mine isn't activated when the wipers are turned off which makes sense to me. Sensor definitely works when wipers are on lowest intermittent setting as the timing changes depending on how hard it is raining.
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    Hate to ask but.....

    Thanks, it was the patriot blue that convinced me to trade in my Rebel lol. No package on this truck that adds 1" lift. I measured my 2019 Rebel height before trading it in and it was 1 inch taller than my new Sport.
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    Hate to ask but.....

    Just picked up a 2022 Ram Sport 4x4 3 days ago. Had the dealer swap out the stock tires for BFG KO2's 305/55/20 on the stock 20x9 rims. No rubbing and approx 1/2" space from the upper control arm.
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    Please recommend 20” All-terrain favorites - the Duelers are awful!

    Can't compare to the stock Duelers as I didn't drive the truck with them. Last truck was a 2019 Rebel with Duratracs and I have always likes the KO2's better(have had KO2's on a few trucks). Duratracs get really noisy when they get some miles on them.
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    Please recommend 20” All-terrain favorites - the Duelers are awful!

    I just picked up a 2022 Ram Sport yesterday. Had the dealer swap out the terrible stock Dueler's for some 305/55/20 BFG KO2's. No rub, stock rims and suspension. Looks much better now.