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    Harmon Customs Lighted Grille Badge

    I have not followed up with him since the Covid-19 hit. I will send him an email this evening.
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    Harmon Customs Lighted Grille Badge

    Well damn. Guess we shall see.
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    Harmon Customs Lighted Grille Badge

    I posted this in another thread below. **Update** to that is I am mailing him my factory chrome RAM letters(I changed to black) today, and he will tweak their design. More to follow. ____________ For what its worth...I emailed Harmon last night stating more folks might buy their LED letters, but...
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    JL Audio Rolling Out a Stealthbox for 5th Gen Ram 1500s!

    That price is crazy on it. Fox Acoustics is what quite a few of us are running. One of best pre-fab boxes I ever had.
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    2019 RAM 1500 hellwig swaybar

    And for those of us lowered more than what OEM airride does (myself with an INEZ 4/6 drop)....Hellwig confirmed that you get the same benefit from their rear bar with that much of a drop in case any of us that are lowered might be wondering.
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    Adding OEM Front Camera?

    Sweet! Thanks as I might give this a try.
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    Adding OEM Front Camera?

    Can you post a link to that exact thread please.
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    5th Gen Stock Stereo Upgrade Options?

    My big azz DD amps are back there with no issues.
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    Hood Change

    I have the Amerihood hood. Love it! Fitment is on point. I was only worried about looks, as you have to go a ridiculous speed anyhoo to really have any type of gains as they say. I also have the SB intake. I since removed the clear plexi (since I took this pic) over the intake. It is etched...
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    MGP Caliper Cover Question

    Looks great! I got mine and installed too. Just need to get a pic.
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    Resonator delete only?

    Thanks again brother! Got mine done and lawwwwwwd yes!
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    8.4" to 12.1" screen replacement

    Holidayjj is what I used. Not sure if still good.
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    You can check around for better price. Tview T122PL-BK Car Headrest Monitor, Black
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    Resonator delete only?

    Thanks for this video! I did the muffler delete and was like okkkkk but no! I am for sure going to do this in the next few days!
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Swapped out factory stereo and put in all aftermarket. Much better! :) For anyone curious on what the factory amp and sub looks like from Alpine system. Pic attached. Now running 2 Digital Designs amps on (2) JL 10" (10W3v3-2) subs, along with all Focal interior components. Running Axxess...