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Recent content by kittyjo

  1. kittyjo

    Window deflecter

    I’ve had heard barley any noise but then again my music is always on..
  2. kittyjo

    Best outside pics having fun

    Here is some of my pics
  3. kittyjo

    Gas Tank Size - Is it Accurate?

    This is the closest I’ve ever gotten to empty…
  4. kittyjo

    Ceramic tint.

    No pano for me.. only thing I have to worry about is the dash cameras front and rear and the rain visors..
  5. kittyjo

    Ceramic tint.

    Ouch!!!! That must have hurt the wallet lol
  6. kittyjo

    Ceramic tint.

    I’ve had other vehicle done with them Camry and no problems.. So hopefully everything is good again. But I will mention the BCM to see what they say
  7. kittyjo

    Ceramic tint.

    So make sure they put towels down? And tucked down in the dashboard… and yes it’s a good dealer.
  8. kittyjo

    Ceramic tint.

    So getting truck finally tinted. Front windshield 70%, front two windows 40% or 20%? and the rest 5% all for 500$ Good deal?
  9. kittyjo

    Tailgate problems…

    Thank u I will look into that .. also to see what joints need to be lubed
  10. kittyjo

    Tailgate problems…

    I don’t know if it’s icing up but it’s hard to open the latch when it’s like 35 and below.. takes me ten minutes to almost break it open lots of force.. seems like the locking latch is locking and not opening and can hardly hear it unlocking. No problems when it’s above 50
  11. kittyjo

    Tailgate problems…

    So tailgate is so hard to open when it’s cold… any solution to fixing this? Wd-40 or some type of grease? Thanks
  12. kittyjo

    How are the 2019's holding up?

    41k and the back up screen stays black unless I have to unplug battery then plug it back in.. tailgate when cold or mild cold 40degrees is super hard to open..
  13. kittyjo

    My review on Nitto Ridge Grappler tires

    I have the same tire and in the sand the are really good when aired down to 25psi … when it rains I have the 4wd on auto and no problems. Snow does better when aired down to below 30psi depending on what ur comfortable with.. just my observations..
  14. kittyjo

    Enclosed cargo trailer

    Which is for better travel on axel torsion or spring? I’m new to this stuff I know I’m going 24ft aluminum just not sure about the suspension and axle thanks
  15. kittyjo

    Battery Suggestions - More For My Canuck Friend

    Oh Well they have best warranty’s around at Costco haha just a little inside info interstates batteries most batteries like AGMS cca are underrated so if it reads 900cca it will have 1100-1200cca..