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    Have Had it with Bizzare Behaviour of Uconnect

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of threads on this issue and all of the issues you point out I also experience. It would be nice if FCA would at least communicate with us on their plans to fix the issue. So far, we are just told of vague references of a software fix that will be rolled out at...
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    Screen protector options

    My $13 screen protector by LFOTPP is perfect. I don't even notice touch input interference which is surprising because any previous screen protectors on my phones would cause noticeable response issues.
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    Dirty Rear End

    I noticed a reduction of film buildup after installing my weather tech mud flaps and my tyger cover. If I were to take a wild guess, it's like a 30 to 40% reduction than without those items. Not a whole lot reduction, but it helps when doing a quick pressure wand wash at the local car wash...
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    12 inch navigation

    So if I understand this correctly they can adjust software specific to problems a vehicles system is experiencing?? I've been told it's going to have to be a mass update applied to all resolve all the known issues.
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    New Update For 12-Inch Uconnect System To Introduce Pandora Stations:

    I have been checking the uconnect update site daily. I could care less about Pandora at this point, I just want the overall system to become reliable without the constant glitches.
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    Uconnect remote app commands not working after a while

    For me it was an easy decision, I am not going to subscribe to a service that maybe worked 25% of the time during my free trial. It seems like I am getting mailings and emails at least twice weekly to sign up for 6 months for $60. Even if it was free, given my experience with the poor...
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    Uconnect 12" Software revision 18.45.40 Issues listed - PLEASE BUMP and respond so I can get this sent to the right person(s) at FCA.

    Now occuring with every call I am on, my end goes mute and I can hear them but they cannot hear me. So what happens is I'll have to grab the phone, talk holding my phone (which is illegal in my state), toggle off/on my Bluetooth and then wait for the connection to restablish. It will then work...
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    Uconnect 12" Software revision 18.45.40 Issues listed - PLEASE BUMP and respond so I can get this sent to the right person(s) at FCA.

    For what it's worth, I've seen a lot of job postings in the last couple of months for the FCA Uconnect software development unit. Kind of makes you wonder what is happening there, or lack of happening.
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    I've been tossing around the idea of just using my phone/sxm app once my subscription runs out. I will say that I do like the layout of the categories on the 12" interface better. Especially when it comes to finding all live sports on one page, i.e.
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    Drivers side Sun Visor broken

    I just received a replacement driver's visor due to a homelink button being stuck. $256 for the complete visor, which was surprisingly high to me.
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    USB Charge Only Option?

    Also, if you have power inverter outlet in the rear, just have them charge into that using a dual usb plug in?
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    USB Charge Only Option?

    In my truck there is a USB charge only outlet in the center console. I don't know if you have that in your truck. If you have that outlet you could run a dual usb splitter from that location and have them plug in. It will not charge their devices as quick but it may be a solution so you don't...
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    "New Posts" Issue

    I picked up a new phone and the issue was resolved so it's definitely a phone/cache/data specific issue.
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    Down grade from f-150

    Congrats! Definitely an upgrade with the color you picked out compared to the previous f150 white!
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    Just have to vent.

    People have done research on those idiots that park on top of you when you park well away from others. It's the herd mentality. They can't think for themselves and subconsciously have to do what others do. They are followers and the sheep of society, not the wolves and independent people that...