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Recent content by Josh405

  1. Josh405

    What are these wheels!?!?

    Was trying to zoom to see center cap but it’s not clear. Looks like the brands emblem is there and identifying the brand would be half the battle. They are nice looking though.
  2. Josh405

    Registration Fees

    Oklahoma right at about 100 a year for first few years, then slowly goes down.
  3. Josh405

    Carven VS MBRP direct fit muffler?

    I have the MBRP high flow. I am assuming you have the factory duals like I do. I left the resonators on both tail pipes. I really like the sound quiet enough while cruising and towing yet aggressive when you dig into it. No experience with the carven, but hopefully this helps some. Your daughter...
  4. Josh405

    Calibrate Electric Parking Brakes

    Subscribing to this post, so are you saying you put your foot on the pedal and hit the EPB before you put the calipers back on the rotors?
  5. Josh405

    New Member

    Very nice
  6. Josh405

    Uconnect 12 problems

    You know I was sort of bummed when my 21 BTS only had 8.4 non NAV. ( Bighorn Level 1) But no problems yet only 2600 miles. Not knocking it but it seems the 12 inch unit has more issues for sure, Makes no sense.
  7. Josh405

    Carven muffler swap / resonator delete too loud for the wife

    No I have not had a carven. but MBRP mellow in cabin unless I’m on it
  8. Josh405

    I'm Back

    I love a black truck as long as it is owned by someone else. I’ve had a few black vehicles over the years just hate washing them and seeing the light scratches everywhere.
  9. Josh405

    Carven muffler swap / resonator delete too loud for the wife

    MBRP high flow bolt on with resonator’s still installed. Cold start sounds great, hard accel sounds great. But at 50-70 cruising pretty Quiet. Buddy of mine cut everything out and went flowmaster super 10 sounds awesome but loud all the time.
  10. Josh405

    Official Built to Serve Thread

    I got mine last month. Even though I was in the Air Force. I really like my Spitfire Orange. Lowest volume color in the BTS lineup 500 being made.
  11. Josh405

    Built to Serve RAM 1500

    2021 Built To Serve. MBRP XP high flow bolt on. Loving it so far