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    Mobile Site Ad Agony!

    I'll look into the ad issue. Google initiated a new sequence where they auto insert ads into pages now and we have to manually disable them to only run them where we place them, it's been a pita chasing some of the ad issues around.
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    "New Posts" Issue

    Ok, so I changed a setting on Cloudflare that I knew would either make the problem better or worse, looks like it's made it worse so I will change it back. Everything that's mentioned in this thread traces back to using Cloudflare which we use to combat spam, also the issues don't affect...
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    2021 Ram Rebel TRX Spied For The First Time In Production Body: We have new photos of the upcoming TRX along with production start date information. Production will start on September 8th, while Pilot builds will start much earlier in April. Expect the see the official...
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    "New Posts" Issue

    It definitely seems to be an issue that only seems to affect a certain subset of people, unfortunately. I am still looking into it and have had our IT guy looking into it as well. Unfortunately, there are no error logs on our end and we haven't been able to reproduce the issue on our ends which...
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    Getting an error when hitting the view more tab on new posts

    I'm still looking into this, It's a bit tricky as it is only affecting certain users. I had it myself and after clearing my browser cache it went away which is obviously not working for you guys. Hopefully I have a resolution by the end of the day.
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    Getting an error when hitting the view more tab on new posts

    I just cleared out the cache on the server end, give that a shot and try clearing your cache again and see if that took care of it.
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    Getting an error when hitting the view more tab on new posts

    I had this issue pop up after doing a forum software update. Try clearing your browser's cache and let me know if that resolves it, that's what worked for me.
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    IOS 13 copy/paste issues

    Sorry, didn't see this thread until now. Are you still having that issue? I just tried on my phone on IOS 13.3 and had no problem.
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    Regional Section

    I'll work on getting that done for you guys over the next couple days here.
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    How to deal with truck religion

    I get roped into this same conversation every time I see one of my closest friends. He's a die hard Chevy guy, while yes I am a fan of FCA vehicles these days it wasn't always that way and doesn't mean it is always going to be this way. I like to put my money into the best product/value that I...
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    What else in your garage?

    Picked this up about a week and a half ago. Leave tomorrow morning to drive it from Vancouver, B.C to Toronto, Ontario.
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    Anyone here also ride motorcycles?

    Sure do, unfortunately, I only got out on it three times this year.
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    HD Section closed for further replies

    To help reduce a lot of further confusion and to help HD owners communicate better we are closing this section for further posts. We do have an HD specific forum and would like to direct HD owners there, as you will have a bigger pool of HD owners to communicate with which will make your search...
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    2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel pricing released!