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  • Can the length of a crew cab with 6' 4" bed be that long that no one is ordering them? All I see on the road is the squat 5' 7". Frustrated with the wait for 6' 4" with rambox, heck it will take till 2020. Any predictions on availability? I'm a broken record, but geez, get it together ram...
    IMO the proportions of a 6ft crew cab look better and I really wanted one. Also the bed space and hauling drywall with the tailgate down and nothing hanging off is a plus. But fitting in my garage was more important. So to answer your question: yes, it is too long. If I didn’t have a garage I wouldn’t have gotten the five foot. I almost got a quad cab to solve the length problem but my son is 6’ 7”.
    Waiting patiently like many others, not even available for ordering yet - Longhorn crew, 4x4, air suspension, 6' 4" bed with rambox, e-torque - sounding like December 2018 +,
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