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    Rebel TRX has been confirmed by FCA as part of their 5 year plan!

    I see a LOT of Raptors in NYC. While most won't take theirs off-road, a truck like that would be perfect for the notoriously horrible pothole-ridden streets of New York. Hell, I made suspension upgrades on my truck for the sole purpose of dealing with these roads.
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    Rebel TRX has been confirmed by FCA as part of their 5 year plan!

    Hopefully they debut the production TRX soon because right now (and I never would have expected this in a million years) the new "IT" vehicle is the Ford Raptor. You see it on TV shows, movies, music/YouTube vehicles etc. I'd go as far as to say that it has supplanted the Escalade and the...
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    Ram Introduces New Multi-function Tailgate In Chicago:

    IMO, this seems to be a more practical solution than what GM has. The barn door design will be very useful for people in the lumber industry and contractors who use forklifts and need better bed access from the ground. There is a local guy who heads a commercial plumbing company that got the...
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    Glad they went 1k for torque! Seems like if you want to get the high output without the dually, you'll need to get a 3500 SRW. Overall, looks excellent even though it's a refresh
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    The Battle For #2 In Full Size Truck Sales

    Winning the NATOTY along with the pile of other awards won by this truck would surely help ;)
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    grill- what do you think of it?

    I think the Laramie trim has the best design so far:
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    Ram December and CY18 US sales records

    Ram virtually tied Chevy US sales in the 4th quarter (161,397 for Ram vs 161,178 for the Silverado) so the trend might continue in both countries this new year!
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    2019 Ram HD Pickup Convoy Spied Completely Uncovered

    Looks good, better than what it is currently out there. The higher end trims would look much better with the turn signals integrated in the main housing (like in the 1500s) and a bit less chrome.
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    RAM Sales Up 44% in November

    And again, Ram outsold Silverado for November; 52,056 vs. 49,859 (Chevy numbers from forums) There is a reason why GM changed their sales reports from monthly to quarterly and a big part has to do with those numbers I'm sure...
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    2019 Power Wagon without Camo!

    The new front end make the wheels look small but I like it! Will be interesting to see how the new HDs look with that front end design. Might be a bit too much chrome for my taste with the upper end models but we'll see.
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    2019 Ram Motor Trend Truck of the Year

    Can't say I'm surprised.
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    2019 Ram HD sheds some camo

    Not sure but it'll be interesting to see. If they do end up classifying this as a 5th generation model, they should have the Easter egg under the console storage lid like in the 1500s.
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    2019 Ram HD sheds some camo

    Looks interesting. Reminds me of the first generation pickups in a way. My source tells me that this would be classified as a 5th gen because of the technology they are going to introduce to it even though clearly it's a facelifted 4th gen. I wonder if they're going to keep the same front for...
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    Ford/GM No Show at TX Rodeo

    I won't be surprised if Ram wins Motor Trend, Truck Trend and North American Truck of the Year. Actually, I'll be a bit surprised if it loses more than 1 of those awards.
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    Caught: 2021 Ram 1500 Rebel TRX--we have more details.

    Is it me or do the fenders on the black shortbed mule look wider?