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Recent content by FishNitro

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    "Air Suspension Cooling Down Please Wait"

    I have a quick update to share on mine. Its back at the dealer and they actually found the issue this time. It looks like the nitrogen reservoir has a leak in it and needs to be replaced. Funny thing is after a month of having it happen every single day it did not do it at the dealer despite...
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    "Air Suspension Cooling Down Please Wait"

    My 19 Limited is having the same issue with the compressor running and the air release sound... i'm to the point where it does it every day in the morning. I have taken it to the dealer and they are yet to figure out what is wrong with it. They kept it for 3 days last time to run a bunch of...
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    How many miles on factory tires?

    Mine were toast at just under 19k. Rotated every 5k and all 4 were right at the wear bars and would not pass a state inspection. I have always called good years good for a year since that's about as long as they last. I eneded up putting a set of Conti crosscontact LX25's on it. I have only had...
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    Should I do it? Buying a 20 Ram 1500

    Your dealer should have helped set that up for you when you bought the truck. I would start there.
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    Should I do it? Buying a 20 Ram 1500

    I am(was) a gm guy too. I had a 2014 Silverado and like you I dumped it the second the extended warranty was up. I had to because that truck was constantly broken and would have cost a fortune to keep it. I drove the 2019 and hated it. I landed in a 2019 Ram limited. I have 16k on it now and i...
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    Anyone ever pay off your truck early and get threatened by dealership that you are responsible for a penalty?

    Stories like this is why I always go thru my credit union when I buy. They give you a check that is good up to whatever your are pre approved for and then once you buy a vehicle you take the purchase and sales to the credit union and finalize the loan. It really eliminates a lot of the games...
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    How aggressive or useful is the lanekeeping assist in the 1500?

    I have left mine off since about week 2 of owning the truck. I found mine picking up thing like slush in the road or crack dealer as lane markers and it was trying to correct the truck when it did not need to. It almost caused me to spin out in the snow once with an abrupt correction that it did...
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    Anyone here also ride motorcycles?

    Here’s my rides. I put more miles on a bike than i do my truck in the summer. My wife rides too. Here are out bikes. My Ducati Multistrada 1200 and her Honda Nc700x in the background Our other bikes. A pair of Yamaha TW200’s Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Thinking about jumping ship or a 2020

    I would not go into option #1 blindly... By all means go drive one but take a good hard look at the fit and finish especially the interior. I don't think you will be impressed especially after driving a Ram. FWIW up intil i got my Ram i owned nothing but GM trucks, mostly Chevy's and there is...
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    Line-X vs. Rhino

    I have owned both Rhino and Line-X. My 06 Silverado had a Rhino and my 2014 Silverado had a Line X premium. Both trucks were under the rail installed and has a tonneau cover on them. The only differences i can see between the two is in how grippy they are, with the Rhino cargo never slid in the...
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    My towing impressions of my 2019 Ram limited

    Im with you. Mine shifts so quick and crisp i hardly notice it shifting. My Chevy was a 6 speed and that transmission was horrible, mostly a programming issue but it never knew what gear to be in and the truck would stumble and then slam into the next gear. A tune made it a lot better. My...
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    My towing impressions of my 2019 Ram limited

    I have towed with my 2019 Ram 1500 limited a bunch of times now but last week I did my first real long distance tow with it and I thought I would share my impressions of it as well as compare it to the truck it replaced, a 2014 1500 Silverado Crew cab 4wd with a 6.2l motor and the “max tow” pack...
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    Should RAM ditch the knob shifter ?

    My .02 as someone that when driving an automatic has always had a column shift. I have no issue at all with the knob. I'm kind of indifferent to it. All it does is accomplish a task. I didnt buy a truck for its "manliness" as im plenty comfortable with my own. I bought a truck to tow stuff, haul...
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    Gas mileage v8 without Etorque..... 4wd

    My limited with 3.92’s per the computer has an average of 17.1. The truck has 4K on it now. I do a mix of city and highway and have some towing thrown in there too. That’s right about where the 2014 Chevy 6.2l that i traded in on this truck got. I have zero complaints and I expect it to get a...
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    4WD Auto vs. 2WD normal driving - Poll

    I have the anti spin in mine and the only time i would ever use 4wd auto would be in the snow and only if there was enough of it. No need for it at all in the rain. I would do the same with the open rear diff. My last two GM trucks had 4wd auto as well and i did the same except the one time i...