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Recent content by Eminclake

  1. Eminclake

    2021 steering wheel making a clicking noise

    Sorry for the late reply. 4,000 miles under a variety of conditions and loads and the problem has not returned.
  2. Eminclake

    Better MPG with higher octane?

    I like reading this! A 2,400 round trip to Florida hauling a 14' wedged cargo trailer yielded me only 8.4 MPG loaded, 8.9 MPG return trip and empty. I was using 87 and every one in a while I experienced some knocking, but not enough to be annoying.
  3. Eminclake

    How to unhitch with Air Suspension?

    I resolved this, and will allow my embarrassment to shine. It goes to assumptions and fundamentals: the ball latch. Used a few trailers over the years, but this one required me to lift AND THEN pull it back. (I hear the collective "duh!") It was clear something wasn't right when I took it to...
  4. Eminclake

    How to unhitch with Air Suspension?

    I have my 2021 in Tire Jack Mode (On is checked) and yet the truck keeps rising as I try to raise the loaded cargo trailer off the hitch. It rises 3", at least. (The top and bottom light suspension height are both lit.) My truck is backed in my driveway that is on a slight incline. What am I...
  5. Eminclake

    2021 steering wheel making a clicking noise

    Attached is a copy of the repair order my dealership completed to resolve the clunking and popping sound I was experiencing. Short story: They replaced the sway bar links. So far, no recurrence.
  6. Eminclake

    2021 steering wheel making a clicking noise

    2021 Ram Limited. Same issue as described by others. Started as simply an intermittent clanking sound when turning left and hitting a bump. Has become progressively frequent and more like a rattling over last several weeks. It's a bit unsettling now. The dealership gets it tomorrow morning...