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    Opinions on best looking wheels l

    What size wheels and tires you go with?
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    Quick oil recommendations

    Have 2500 miles on my 2020 ram and about to hit the road for some traveling. Wondering if should go ahead and change oil and filter and whether to switch to synthetic? And possibly the penzoil ultimate ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    iPod Classic Compatibility

    I can't load 160GB of lossless music on a watch
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    12" Screen Reverse Camera Brightness

    The issue is you can dim the dash lights including the 12" screen at night, but when the truck is put in Reverse the camera screen comes on and it is full brightness, not adjusted to match the existing setting. I have battled it as well and have to roll down my windows to use my side mirrors as...
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    Remove Door carrier plate for Dynamat

    Did the full outer door metal in dynamat but didn’t get pic. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Remove Door carrier plate for Dynamat

    I’ve looked through the speaker opening and didn’t see anything but bare metal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    305 45 22s on stock rims

    Ride is a lot harsher than my previous 2015 limited with the 275/60r20's. I ran the Toyo AT II's.
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    Remove Door carrier plate for Dynamat

    I have figured out how to remove the door panels, but wanted to know if anyone has seen video or instructions on removing the door carrier plate, how to deal with the window, etc. so i can Dynamat the inside of the exterior door skin.
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    305 45 22s on stock rims

    How is the ride compared to the stock 285's? I have the LImited setup as well and was considering going to a 20" wheel, the 285/45 tires suck.
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    Advice on leveling kit

    Let me know if get an answer, i'm in the same situation, 2020 Limited with Black APpearance. Can't stand all the rear wheel well that shows.Just want to level and go a bit larger 20's and 35's.
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    will these fit? 295/60r20 on 20x9 wheels

    Did you go from the limited 22's to this wheel/tire setup? I have the 2020 Limited and am considering going to 20's. How did the ride compare?