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Recent content by dswoboda2120

  1. dswoboda2120

    Fingers Crossed...Brake Squeal Resolved

    My truck has been squealing when backing up for a while. I had the rotors and brake pads replaced. But lately it has been doing it more than normal because of all the snow we've had. The brakes squeal when the brakes are not applied. The more pressure you apply to the brakes the less it...
  2. dswoboda2120

    Wind noise coming from front unknown place

    Do a search of the forum, there is much discussion about this topic.
  3. dswoboda2120

    ECO mode, fuel saving mode not working

    Now that I have about 3500 miles on the engine I the eco light stays on much longer and I don’t have to try to get it on as much. I usually turn it off though because below 45 mph the ride is smoother and the mpg isn’t a lot different driving carefully with 4 or 8 cylinders.
  4. dswoboda2120

    uconnect on 8.4 non nav, 2019 1500

    I thought you could access that through the uConnect website and with your trucks VIN. I know it tells you in you need an update or not, just can't remember if it said anything about the ver. number.
  5. dswoboda2120

    uconnect on 8.4 non nav, 2019 1500

    Are you also putting in the city and state, it needs that.
  6. dswoboda2120

    Rear sensors dirty

    I think you can turn off the auto-brake in the unconnect settings if you don't like it. The warning lights will remain on. I'm at work now so I can't verify but I think I've played around with the setting before. In the snow I sometimes have to shut it down temporarily with the physical...
  7. dswoboda2120

    Only canned responses for voice texting?

    Use android auto. Hold down the speak button and it will use your connected device over the stock radio.
  8. dswoboda2120

    4WD auto?

    I didn't see a location listed for you but 4low also works great to pull yourself out of snow if you get stuck.
  9. dswoboda2120


    Mine pops up all the time with weather alerts. When I press the buttons on the side of the map it shows fronts and perception and warnings. Kind of annoying actually as it doesn't just bring up weather relevant to the location I'm in, but a wide area around my location, much to wide. I think...
  10. dswoboda2120

    2019 Ram Big Horn

    I can receive both Android and iOS text messages, plus Facebook messenger messages on Android.
  11. dswoboda2120

    2019 1500 : Concerning Cabin Sounds

    Read any trucks forum and you will get the hebee jebees. I love my truck; Don't regret buying it for a second. A 2020 may not have some of the problems discussed here, but it will have its own problems.
  12. dswoboda2120

    New Wisconsin Member

    I'm from Wisconsin also. My buddy has an American EZ rollup cover and really likes it. Says it is good in the winter. I will be ordering one soon for my truck.
  13. dswoboda2120

    2019 1500 : Concerning Cabin Sounds

    Just wondering if you turn off MDS when there are more than two people in the truck. It works for me to stop the drone.
  14. dswoboda2120

    Android auto & GPS

    Here is one of the topics that talk about this: https://5thgenrams.com/community/threads/is-your-dealership-tracking-your-truck-without-your-knowledge.3037/
  15. dswoboda2120

    Auto Fold Mirrors when turning engine off

    No way that I know of. I read my entire manual and played around plenty in the Uconnect system. Maybe someday Uconnect will offer that in an update, but probably not.