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    Trip Computer on my 12" Uconnect Nav system

    Mine has the trip computer. You just have to tap the bottom center more information to get to it
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    Help with auto start from app

    If you read some of the App Store reviews the app is very hit and miss with it working. Had the same issue with mine, never bother to pay after the 1 year trial. There is other topics on this forum of all the issues with Uconnect app and customer service and services.
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    New Update For 12-Inch Uconnect System To Introduce Pandora Stations:

    The 5 “rolling” balls always shown on my screen when every it was last on the nav screen versus any other screen view when first starting up the vehicle. I believe you have to accept an update before it’ll happen. Not for sure though.
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    Cant get past the home page

    Maybe this website is powered by Uconnect :unsure:;)
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    Uconnect app question

    It’s not just the Ram trucks with constant issues with the app according to a lot of recent reviews from the App Store. The one thing I do miss about my GMC was their app, never a problem with It unlike SiriusXM Guardian.
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    Three issues - uConnect freezes, person on other end of call stops hearing me, car play locks up

    @Gemlin did you by chance ask when the next over the air update will ever happen for the 12” system ?
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    USB Charge Only Option?

    Center console and rear USB’s don’t effect my Uconnect media system
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    Auto Heat

    -15F this morning, used key fob to start. Once I get in to hit the run/start button mine will always slow down on fan speed until it warms up then increase in speed. Set on auto and 72 degree. Only let it run about a minute before getting in and going.
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    Stuck on 20.16..

    As long as everything is working properly it’s probably best not to create more problems than what there is. Mine is still on 20.12
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    Oil change interval on new 2020 ram 1500 5.7

    I only put on about 9,000 a year so I just change twice a year, before winter and after winter. usually November and April.
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    No CD player in my 2020 1500
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    New Update For 12-Inch Uconnect System To Introduce Pandora Stations:

    Could you update us with a review on this long awaited for 4th quarter update the was advertised back in September. Much appreciated, thank you..
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    Gme-t6 inline 6 news

    We had a 2005 Grand Cherokee with the in-line 6. Great mileage and power for what it was
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    iPhone safari issues

    same troubles with iPad but not iPhone, just not every time
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    No Customer Care

    to order a new manual