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    9/10/2019 New 12'' radio update 1538

    20 months that the 12” Uconnect system has been in the 5thgen Ram’s and still have all the problems that people are having is more than pathetic. An update can’t come soon enough. I still have 20.12.0 application version on a 4/20/18 build and have never seen an over the air update for mine.
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    Uconnect remote app commands not working after a while

    The only fix for me when I had the free trial was to disconnect the battery for about a half hour. After that it was usually good for about a month or so.
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    Tire fill assist

    I’ve only done it while it has been running. Never tried any other way. Works as advertised.
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    I’ve Disconnected the battery at least a dozen times in a 1 1/2 year an never brought it to dealer to have a head unit reset up. All your uconnect apps all reappear in a couple hours.
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    Truck refuses to start

    It’s happened to my limited twice since new. Once in January at work and July at home after sitting for a week while on vacation. Haven’t bother to bring it in find out what’s happening.
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    New Update For 12-Inch Uconnect System To Introduce Pandora Stations:

    Got the email about the update on the Oct. 1, still waiting...........
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    What version of uConnect are you running on 12"?

    Hold down the outer two icons simultaneously in the lower tray it will then go into dealer mode. You’ll find it in there.
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    9/10/2019 New 12'' radio update 1538

    Might be regional
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    12" Radio Trim Removal

    Under the top tray is where the screws are at.
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    $20/month to use mobile start or unlock!?

    Even our last 3 GMC’s were free for the first 5 years of ownership
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    Winter driving

    Did for my last GMC Canyon but not for my Ram now or prior to the Canyon
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    K&N drop in filter... worse MPG

    Some say newer cars do adapt to the driver. It's complicated to explain, but the ECU (electronic control unit), which is the car's central computer, "learns" over a certain number of drive cycles what your driving habits are, and adjusts the fuel-air mix and some other aspects of the car's...
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    Search ram inventory nationwide

    Just search zip codes out as far as your willing to travel to buy, just change the zip code on ram trucks website and do the search yourself.