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Recent content by d19r93

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    Revving the engine and RPM's

    Mine does that if I rev it right after starting up. If it's been running awhile, it revs just fine. Limits at 4k but doesn't hang like it does when you first start. And to be clear, I don't rev it when it's cold. It will do that right after a startup no matter what the temp is. It has to be...
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    2020 RAM multiple issues

    I have the same coolant smell. I had mine pressure checked, it held pressure all day, no leaks. I didn’t smell it when it was brand new but started around 12k miles. I have 25k on it now, coolant has stayed full
  3. D

    never had so many problems...

    I'm glad my dealer isn't the only one that refuses to do any warranty work!
  4. D

    Jerk and clacking sound from transmission (???) when cold.

    Which noise is it? I hear the 3 "clicks" right after it starts, which is the 4x4 doing a "check" but after that I don't hear anything out of the ordinary.
  5. D

    Windows don't continuously go up

    Same thing happens to me.
  6. D

    26 gal tank miles??

    How much city and how much highway? City only, I get 280 miles, driving lightly. Highway, 400ish, and mixture about 300.
  7. D

    Battery Voltage Indicator - falling numbers

    Mine fluctuates like that all the time. But I think I have an issue with my voltage regulator because when sitting at a stop light, you can visably see the the lights dimming and flickering. It gets worse when Traction Control engages. I can drop down to 13.1 sometimes. I usually sit at 14.1 to...
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    What am I doing wrong????

    I would agree with the shifting to park idea. I have done it a few times myself, it will go to accessory, and will auto shift to park, so you don't realize it happens unless you watch it move to park.
  9. D

    Can’t start Truck w remote or App. Key doesn’t work

    Did the key previously work?
  10. D

    New here

    I might have an angry wife soon... that's gorgeous! I would trade mine in on that in a heartbeat!
  11. D

    LED Light Upgrades

    Do you have a link to those??
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    Looking for some advice

    I don't think I would have been so demanding until you were on your third trip. As others have mentioned, things get missed easily when there is no check-engine light to read. I'm sorry you're having trouble, but I think it's a little much to demand they tint your windows after one return trip...
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    "Breaking In" new car for long distance driving.

    I had the same concerns. Took my truck for a few hundred mile drive after I hit 100 miles. No issues whatsoever. I think you'll be alright!
  14. D

    Windshield Wiper Motor

    I would say that it would be covered under the bumper to bumper warranty, yes. Call your dealer and they can tell you for sure.
  15. D

    Traction Control Partial Off & Fully Off

    My BigHorn is identical to this.