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Recent content by Cheddy

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    Stop and go shudder/vibration

    Thanks guys this is good to hear. I think I will attempt changing the fluid myself. Now to figure out the correct additives for the locking rear diff.
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    Stop and go shudder/vibration

    Glad you were able to get it fixed. It sounds like they did more than just replace your fluid,....did they also replace the case and did bearings? Do you have the Locking rear diff.? Trying to figure out how to get my dealer to do the same fix. Thanks for any additional input you can give.
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    Stop and go shudder/vibration

    Has anyone tried checking and changing the rear differential fluid? Could it already be compromised after several thousand miles and that is why we don’t notice it for the first little bit. Seems like if it was backlash in the driveline then it would have been present from the dealership at the...
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    Twisted Rear Seat Belt

    Thanks Jim, that’s what I was thinking looks like I need a fix.
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    Twisted Rear Seat Belt

    I have noticed my rear center seat belt has a twist in it. When it is buckled it looks fine and functions perfect, however when it is unoccupied it sits with a twist in it (yes I have double checked to make sure it isn’t accidentally twisted). I just want to confirm that others are seeing a...
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    4th gen vs 5th gen receiver height

    I measured my 14 and my 19 and they were within a half inch. Keep in mind my 2019 has ORG so has 1 inch lift. 19 was a half inch taller.
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    Infinity Reference 3032CFX Only 1 Needed

    Sorry, I already arranged this with another member, so I no longer have the extra speaker.
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    Infinity Reference 3032CFX Only 1 Needed

    Anyone wanting to replace the middle dash speaker. I am looking to by a second set and will be selling the extra speaker and Metra Adapter. Hit me up if anyone is interested. (They are expected back in stock on 6/14).
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    Road noise- interior

    For what it’s worth I had a custom build that came in 2 days ago (haven’t taken delivery yet). I did check for the Bed to Cab seal and it was there. I was surprised as it was something I was planning to add. Not sure why some are coming without this. Maybe they have decided to add them back...
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    Black Appearance group with two tone interior

    I was trying to order the same thing and was told the same. I eventually ended up going with the black.
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    Trailer Tow Package??

    See screenshot...all motors come with heavy duty cooling. And you up your towing to over 10,000lbs going with 3.92...3.21 is going to give you between 7,000-8,000lbs.
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    Cabin filter???

    Got it, thanks. I just did a search and found it.
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    Cabin filter???

    In the 4th Gen Rams the cabin filter was not included, but could be added with the filter and the appropriate door. This required some cutting but worked fine afterwards. Has anyone determined if the 5th Gens have this included from the factory, or is it an add on item again?