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    Looks like I have a leak...

    You check oil level via dipstick? Lots of things it could be,but as you stated dealer changed oil X miles ago....I would investigate that avenue of trub shooting. Could be as simple and as messy as excess oil spilled upon removal,and the wrencher didn’t bother to clean up excess spillage. Oil...
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    Mirror Dimming Not Working

    All three mirrors of my truck dim. Can be turned on/off in settings if so desired. Truck specs in my sig.
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    A/C Performance

    I wouldn’t use clamps as a permanent solution,I would only use clamp/s to temp restrict the water,to install a valve. Using clamps can do damage to the hoses,ESP if used long term. I believe the thread you’re looking for is “AC Hack” Again,I would use a valve,if I was going to go this route...
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    Bittersweet introduction

    Do you really feel they are capable of “correcting” the problem,verses adding more problems? In the very least,I wouldn’t allow the so call mekanic touch your vehicle again! In answering your question,I personally wouldn’t have a prob with referencing good/bad shops via online. Doubt they...
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    Bittersweet introduction

    What dealership,did the so called repairs?
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    Blank Screen on Brand New Ram

    Did you accidentally push the “volume” knob? If so,push on it again.
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    headrest too far forward

    As crazy as it sounds,is it possible to remove it and flip it 180? That being could be a safety factor,if involved in a crash etc.
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    RAM AC poor performance TWITTER/FACEBOOK

    I had the update done several weeks ago,didn’t fix the issue.
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    Air conditioning Hack

    That looks scary! ESP the barbs/sharp areas on the elec clamp. I would be Leary of puncturing the hose,esp if left on for long periods etc!! If I go this route,I’ll use a globe valve. Was is vehicles years ago,where peeps would move manual levers to control flow and doors lol.
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    Fit Questions: BFG KO2 LT275/65R20 on stock Limited with air suspension

    I’m interested too! I’ve ran nothing but BFG AT’s on all my Rams(4 of em since 01) and have had mucho success with em. My 14 Ram,and my current Ram,have cheap factory installed rubber,and with my 19,don’t plan on running them over 20,000. On my 04 2500,I ran a 10 ply version of em,and carrying...
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    UConnect 12.1 Upgrades/apps wanted.....

    I would like to see an option,that allows you to mute the volume of radio/headunit,when truck is put in reverse. My alpine head unit in my 14 Ram had that option,to turn on or off.
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    Quality Control Missed This One

    Quality control/inspection Is a joke in that regard of that truck! There must be another truck on the road with that same look,just mirrored lol. Are the seats etc mismatched in this truck,the “custom” leather and cloth look?
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    4 wheel auto vibration

    Is anyone verifying that both axle ratios are the same,front and rear?
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    Bed Step Install Doc and Pics

    Took the plunge and ordered via Moparamerica on monday night. Shows a tracking # as of today,shows tentatively it will arrive Friday. For those that have installed this......did any of ya’s chase the threads/tap the threads in the existing mounting locations? And lastly,what’s the torque on the...
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    STINKY 2019 Bighorn 1500 5.7 Hemi

    Had a it possible that parts made in Mexico,imported to US where it’s assembled,were used in various ways to smuggle in the wacky tobacky?