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Recent content by Airstreamin

  1. Airstreamin

    Antifreeze smell

    I’ve had that smell for 37,000 miles. Over 8,500 towing, often in 105+ temps and 6% grades. No leaks, no overheating, no lost coolant. Dealer says they’ve never seen it before, but smell it too. New radiator caps don’t help.
  2. Airstreamin

    Antifreeze smell

    I’ve had that sound. It sounds like a vacuum leak from the heat/AC system. It’s not. Crazy as at sounds, the dealer replaced the alternator and that fixed the problem. I can’t see how the alt can make a noise like that AFTER the engine shuts off, but the sound has been gone for over a month now.
  3. Airstreamin

    Antifreeze smell

    Update: dealer can’t find any evidence of a leak again. Says mine is the only one they’ve seen that has the coolant smell. new Radiator cap didn’t help. I don’t seem to be losing coolant. No over heating. It just stinks when it’s parked and you walk by.... frustrating.
  4. Airstreamin

    Intermittent Key Fob Issue?

    I had that happen once. Everything was completely dead, except for the alarm that went off when I used the key to get in. Worst of all, it unlocked and started when the tow truck finally got there. Makes me think twice about how far off road I go.....
  5. Airstreamin

    Loose front suspension/tire wear

    since there were a 1000 posts under the heading of front suspension, I thought I just post this rather than spend hours searching. The dealer aligned my front tires at a bit less than 12,000 miles because of slight tire wear issue. At 30,000 miles, I noticed significant outer front tire wear...
  6. Airstreamin

    Antifreeze smell

    Steveved, Did the the radiator cap help? The dealer replaced mine and it made no difference. At the same time, I never had an over heating problem, and I’ve seen coolant temps over 230 degrees towing the Airstream up 6% grades when it’s 110 outside so I had my doubts that was the problem. my...
  7. Airstreamin

    Antifreeze smell

    I had the same smell for a while now. at 35,000 miles I took it to the dealer to have it looked at. They replaced the radiator cap and pressure tested it and it held pressure for hours. i Noticed the smell again 200 miles later.....