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Dec 13, 2018
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I ended up with the dreaded rear window leak, third brake light leak, and then my windshield was also found to be leaking. Total time at the dealership shop for these repairs was 2 weeks in July and then from 3 August until today (23 Sept). While it was there, had them look into the rear diff too. It would start whining around 60mph. They said the whining was because water had gotten into the diff, and that I need to quit backing up my boat soo far into the water. I don’t even own a boat, and have never towed a boat.

At any rate… get the truck back to the house from Lakeland, FL dealership. I look it over, two new dents in the truck on the rear passenger door and top rear left corner of the cab. They replaced the headliner, but it looks like the drug it through dirt and grease and did a half *** assembly of all the parts they had to remove to install it.

Have any of you had the same lack of quality of work from dealerships? I’m currently in contact with the executive referrals manager at FCA (second time I’ve had to be in contact with him, for a 2019 Ram). I’m just getting at wits end with the issues and quality of workmanship with repairs.

The camera on my phone is messed up. So I’m unable to take photos of all the issues…

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