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  1. I

    Rear End Failure

    2019 Ram 1500. I kept hearing noises from the rear end, sounded like clutches. Sure enough brought it in and Dodge replaced the entire differential. I have 28,000 miles on it...WARRANTY!!!!
  2. chainsaw

    Warranty Mess off issues

    I ended up with the dreaded rear window leak, third brake light leak, and then my windshield was also found to be leaking. Total time at the dealership shop for these repairs was 2 weeks in July and then from 3 August until today (23 Sept). While it was there, had them look into the rear diff...
  3. J

    Rear Turn Grind

    Truck: 2019 Ram 1500 Bighorn Crew Cab I have seen a lot of discussion on here about grinds on right turns that appear to be mostly centered at the front of the truck that have impacted steering. I have something similar except it is in the rear of the truck and on both left and right turns at...
  4. Captainberz

    5th Gen Ram 1500 Differential Rear Fluid Change (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022+)

    I have had a few people ask me about changing the rear end fluid out on their 5th Gen. So I grabbed a camera when I did mine. Pretty straight forward. Glad they got rid of the plug on the pumpkin and just went straight forward with a drain and fill plug.
  5. R

    Axle Differential For 2020 Ram?

    I'm thinking of adding a front differential lockonto my 2020 Ram. However, I've read a few posts where people say that beginning with 2019 the differentials on the Rams were different from those used in say a 2015 model. However, I see that they still use AAM 9.25 axles for the front and AAM...