Rebel TRX Concept - HELLCAT powered Ram Rebel:


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Meet the Ram Rebel TRX Concept. Rebel TRX is a 100-mph off-road machine with 575 horsepower – the most powerful half-ton truck the company has ever built. Here is its reveal video from the 2016 State Fair of Texas.


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2019REBEL said:
OK so if the Base Rebel is $60295 I would hate to see how much they are gonna ask for that.
Fully loaded it goes for about $62,000 (the non-TRX Rebel).If the TRX is intended to compete head to head with the Raptor, I would think the 7.0L base TRX would start under $65,000. Yes, Raptors start well below that (just over $50,000 actually), but the demand keeps their sales prices above MSRP from what I understand, so a start price near $60,000 is somewhat reasonable. The standard Rebel (2WD) starts at $44,000 or so. 4WD, Crew Cab 5.7L Hemi Rebel takes the price up to over $50,000 (which is already in Raptor price territory).I'm not sure what they're going to do with the lower two regarding pricing. The Standard Rebel is already about as expensive as a Raptor when similarly equipped so if Ram wants to compete head to head, it seems they would be cannibalizing some standard Rebel sales. My guess is, the Ram Rebel TRX will have a higher start price than the Raptor (anywhere between $55,000 on the low end to $65,000 on the high end - for a starting price; nicely equipped expect over $70,000). That's a pretty big swing, but the demand is high. Also, when the new Raptor is released with it's 7.0L 426 CID V-8, they may raise the price.As for the Hellcat power Ram Rebel TRX . . .Chatter online seems to indicate we're looking at Demon/Trackhawk price range ($85,000+ to start). A lot can happen in two years, but I suspect that will still be outta my league even then. Nicely equipped (and who is going to buy a supercharged Ram Rebel TRX that isn't nicely equipped . . .) it will probably eclipse six figures ($100,000+). Way too rich for my blood.The good news (for peeps like me anyway) is that the 7.0L is likely to have in excess of 500 horsepower, which is still quite a lot. I've always wanted a puffer and when I saw rumors that the Ram Rebel TRX would have a start price of $55,000 I went nuts. But, those same rumors also predicted a late 2017 release date. So . . . it ain't gonna happen at no $55,000. I doubt the 7.0L will start that low.We'll see. I'm posting all of my TRX related stuff in the 5th Gen rams forum (this is in the 4th gen forum) since we know that when the production TRX is released it will be on the DT (5th generation) platform.Great question though - the answer to which we will be eagerly awaiting.

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