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Quadcab Rebel 2 10" sub install


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Jun 7, 2018
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I have been in touch with an installer in VA that has done multiple installations on Rebels, and I will be having them install 2 10" Sundown Audio SD-3's. They have custom fitting boxes for the Quadcab.
I have yet to see a thread or info on the net where a "Quadcab" installation has been done, but there are plenty of Crewcab ones.
Hopefully I will get it done next week, and I will be posing pictures of the installation and maybe a video detailing it.

E-Torque does not affect the installation at all, which was good to hear. Using my Rockford T1500-1bdcp amp. Getting speakers in Dual 4 ohm so the amp will put out 500rms(really a bit more as birth sheet was almost 2k for a 1500 watt amp) to each speaker, and they are 500rms each.
Link to speakers: https://sundownaudio.com/index.php/subwoofers/sd-3-series

Really looking forward to this.

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