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  1. Bee7_ivan

    Car audio help!!!!

    Wassup fellas Those who are running Audio control Lc2i as a Line output converter and have the alpine system, where are you tapping in for signal for your aftermarket sub??? I have tapped into the APH CH03 HAR-D harness (pink,purple and teal) colors and idly I’m getting feedback in my dash...
  2. Xswizy

    Ram 2500 line output converter issues

    I recently installed a subwoofer under the rear seat of my 2021 ram 2500 big horn and decided to use a LOC to tap into the b pillar for my sound. I used left and right + and - to tap onto the B pillar on the passenger side for right and left RCA. Everything works, but there’s one issue. I can...
  3. T

    Line Out Converter Recommendation for Base 6 Speaker Audio

    First time posting, long time reading the 5th Gen Ram forums. I am looking for recommendations/feedback on different options for line output converters for the 8.4/6-speaker audio system. I am planning to build a subwoofer box and add my 2 10" Pioneer TS-SW2502S4 subs and Pioneer GM-D9601 mono...
  4. Kc0lry

    Pac AP4-CH4 issue

    I have a 2020 1500 with the hk system. Decided to add an aftermarket amp and subs. I went with the Pac AP4-CH4 to add everything with it. Plugged it in but when I went to start my truck it made a pop through the speakers and everything went black. Truck won't start now and the radio is locked...
  5. jcspino

    Long time reader, first time posting

    Hello everyone, A few weeks ago I traded in my 2016 Ram ED for a 2021 5.7 Laramie. Since the night I purchased I have been browsing the forums and sending some members messages. Everyone here is great and I have gotten so much information and many ideas catching up on the history of threads...
  6. D

    Missing Subwoofer

    Brand new to the Ram community. Just purchased a slightly used 2021 PW 75AE and love it. That said, doing a deeper dive in daylight I noticed that the previous owner may have really liked the subwoofer... enough to remove it before the sale. I am not a huge audiophile and don't mind keeping...
  7. dcar777

    Powered Hidden Subwoofer

    Hi all. Coming from this monster system seen here in my 2014.... I want to act like the 40 year old I am and respect my new Laramie...and wife lol Looking for something that's almost hidden and powered. Minimal. Maybe just an 8" to add a little more bass to the HK stereo. I've checked most of...
  8. D

    2021 Harman Kardon Subwoofer to Amplifier wiring and ohms

    Hello everyone. 2021 Rebel with the 19 speaker Harman/Kardon system. I am replacing speakers while keeping the factory HK amplifier, and what I cannot determine is the accurate subwoofer to amplifier wiring configuration. I understand there are 3 voice coils on the subwoofer, each at 2.2ohms...
  9. N

    2020 Rebel Harman Kardon HK System Bass Upgrade? Little Bass Only?

    Reposted from General Discussion: I Want to Upgrade the Harman Kardon System subwoofer bass the easiest way possible to at least get a moderate noticeable improvement? I just got my truck I really like the HK system I just wish there was a little more bass in the system more like my factory...
  10. N

    Want to Upgrade Harman Kardon System Bass Easiest Way?

    I Want to Upgrade the Harman Kardon System subwoofer bass the easiest way possible to at least get a moderate noticeable improvement? I just got my truck I really like the HK system I just wish there was a little more bass in the system more like my factory challenger HK system had. Maybe Simply...
  11. K

    wiring help

    i installed a. Line out converter and spliced into my speaker wires on the passenger side, i also spliced into an orange wire with a white stripe for my renote turn on, does anyone by chance know what thay wire is?
  12. Pep_594

    Aftermarket Subwoofer and Amplifier

    Has anyone installed a aftermarket subwoofer and amplifier in the 2019 Ram 1500 with the Harman Kardon audio system? I am planning to install two 12’s, amp, and a line output converter. Just curious if anyone has done this yet so I will know what problems to look out for. I already have looked...
  13. fwankie

    Frostbite Audio Enclosures - Single Sub

    ALRIGHT GUYS! THE DEAL IS LIVE! FIRST 15 PEOPLE TO COMPLETE THEIR ORDER, GET THE 15% OFF GROUP BUY DEAL! I’ve teamed up with FrostBite Audio Enclosures, for a single 10” (sealed) subwoofer box for Crew Cab trucks. This box is designed to only use the floor space under the longer portion of...
  14. R

    Quadcab Rebel 2 10" sub install

    I have been in touch with an installer in VA that has done multiple installations on Rebels, and I will be having them install 2 10" Sundown Audio SD-3's. They have custom fitting boxes for the Quadcab. I have yet to see a thread or info on the net where a "Quadcab" installation has been done...
  15. 1

    Installing a subwoofer and amplifier with the alpine system

    Hi I'm new here. I have a 2019 ram 1500 bighorn with the alpine 9 speaker sound system. I am trying to add a 12 inch alpine type r and a Rockford fosgate 1200d amplifier to the factory alpine system. I'm having a tough time finding a working diagram to figure out which wires to tap my pac lp7-2...
  16. Snowman122

    Subwoofer box that is a game changer!!

    I recently bought this subwoofer box online. I'm skeptical about buying stuff like this online because what if I don't like it, but man let me tell you it was the best investment I made to my crappy 6 speaker setup. I got a ported box for 2 10 inch woofers and I decided to go with some jl audio...
  17. R

    Subs in a Quad Cab? Update Oct. '20

    I'm wondering if anyone has put in a custom sub installation in a QuadCab...specifically a Rebel? Having thoughts of getting 2 8's or 2 10's for under the rear seats. This is with the Alpine system and E-Torque so I wonder how the electrical system would take a hit with another amp. I would...