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Soft shackles won't give you a lifetime of use compared to steel. They are also more expensive for quality pieces. What they do give you is significant weight savings and ease of use. For casual users, they may be not be the best use of your hard earned dollars. But, if you want something light and durable, the soft shackle rules. TRE ( Tactical Recovery Equipment ) makes some quality gear, if looking.

The argument for soft shackles is there is not a heavy piece of steel flying around if a shackle or tow hook disconnects or comes apart or a tree or rope breaks. It is also softer on pieces it is connecting to. Give the cost of just travel to go off-road, plus starting with a $50k-$65k truck with another $2.5k of wheels and tires plus a lift/level...somehow this doesn't seem expensive. Then there are air compressors, tire deflators, traction mats, jacks (exhaust bags, bottle jacks, high jacks, the ARB hydraulic toe jack), shortage of things to spend money on.

Cable dampers are another think rarely discussed. I did see on video where the off-roader used 5lb ankle weights. They easily stay on the cable or rope and have the needed weight.

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