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  1. R

    Supension maxx endlinks

    Does anyone else have these rubbing spots on their Suspension Maxx extended endlinks. Mine have been installed for almost a year but noticed them earlier tonight looking under the truck trying to figure out why it’s been creaking lately.
  2. SKT Customs

    Anyone know the rear coil spring rates on these 1500s?

    Long story short, I like the way the truck rides with 500+lbs in the bed, but I very rarely have that much weight in the bed, so I’d like to get some lighter rate rear coils so the truck feels like that more often! I’m adding Pacbrake airbags and a wireless compressor anyway, so I could care...
  3. Alexito

    5th gen springs

    Would my 5th gen front springs fit on a 4th gen?
  4. 31RamIt

    Rebel vs Laramie Suspension

    What are the differences? If I bought a long travel suspension kit that says it is Rebel specific, would it fit on the Laramie? Or, are their major differences to the suspension? EXAMPLE
  5. 0

    Help! Over my Head with Suspension Lift

    Hi guys, I've tried researching my build for a year and finally decided if I don't pull the trigger It'll never happen..I have purchased the following parts for my 2021 Ram 1500 sport: 4x Nitto Ridge Grappler 305/55R20 1160 tires onto 4x 20"x10" -18 offset Fuel Vapor alloys. 4x shocks: -2x...
  6. B

    Air suspension stuck in entry/exit - ok to drive and tow?

    I have a 2022 1500 with 7,100 miles and a few days ago the 'service air suspension' notice appeared. Now it is stuck in entry/exit mode and I can't change the height. Service appointment is 2 months out. Do you think I can drive it until them and can I tow a trailer with the suspension stuck in...

    2019 Rebel Suspension ISSUES. can barely handle the city streets these days

    First Post Here been reading through the forums for years now, they have helped me out everytime and I am very thankful for this community! I need to write all this down so I an articulate it easier. I have owned my truck for 2 years 9 moths and as much as I love the truck its been problem after...
  8. B

    2019 ram 1500 wheels & tire fitment

    Ordered a 3.5” rough country lift. Was hoping to put 35”x12.5” tires on 18x9 wheels with about -12 offset. Curious if anyone on here has a similar setup and if they experienced any rubbing? Also would like to get some opinions on how this setup would do off-roading. Family and I are now...
  9. D

    2019 1500 Laramie leveling kit/tires

    Hey Everyone, Looking for some feedback. I'm on my second RAM truck, as stated above, a 2019 1500 Laramie. Everything is stock, other than some really wide running boards that I'm removing and I opted to get one with 18 inch rims because I prefer the look of more rubber to rim and the ride...
  10. W

    2022 Rebel with loose steering - tie rod busted?

    My 2022 Rebel is a sweet truck. I love it so much, huge upgrade from my F-150 Lariat. I only have about 3,000 miles on the odometer, but recently I have started to notice the steering wheel won't center, road crowns pull me around a lot more than usual, and I am feeling a ton of feedback in the...
  11. MagMan1379

    MOPAR 2” lift ADVISORY!

    The MOPAR 2” lift, includes FOX Performance 2.0 SERVICEABLE shocks. Looking up the servicing table on these shocks, it is stated that they are to be serviced every 50k/miles with lite usage. Any Off-Road usage decreases the mileage in serviceability. The good news: Fox will service these...
  12. J

    Rebel Bilstein 3-more adaptive suspension

    Has anyone else wondered why Ram doesn’t have an upgraded adaptive damping suspension on their trucks like the hellcats do? I can go from a smooth plush ride to an extremely stiff setting with the 3-mode suspension in the hellcat. It’ll make sense to do something like this to the Rebel, for...
  13. J

    Rebel Bilstein 3-mode adaptive suspension

    Has anyone else wondered why Ram doesn’t have an upgraded adaptive damping suspension on their trucks like the hellcats do? I can go from a smooth plush ride to an extremely stiff setting with the 3-mode suspension in the hellcat. It’ll make sense to do something like this for a Rebel to get a...
  14. Domt1775

    Air Suspension Level - ReadyLift 1.5inch

    Looking for anyone who has installed the ready lift 1.5inch air suspension level, would love to see pics of your setups and experiences! Very surprised that I have only seen one other thread on here that mentions these leveling kits for the air ride. It is sold out online so I know there's...
  15. B

    Front End Low Speed Noise

    Hey Friends, I have a strange sound that I can primarily hear at low speed. This is when going straight or turning. My truck is a 2020, less than a year old and pretty low miles due to being home a lot obviously. I recorded this video. Any ideas before I let the dealership start tinkering...
  16. TARAM444

    Will it fit!?

    Hello everyone I’m thinking about running 285/75/18s on my 2020 ram 1500 bighorn sport 3.6 V6 have anyone ever did the same thing and is there any rubbing? is it possible to run this size on stock suspension without any rubbing or other issues ? and I’m thinking about a 2” leveling kit as...
  17. V

    Suspention and 35 inch tires advice

    Hello all I've been reading all over the place including this and other blogs and i cant seem to find an answer for what i want. I have 2020 Rebel without air suspention all stock and i want to fit 35s on it. I do know that I will have to lift it 3 to 4 inches but the lift kits is where im...
  18. N

    RC 3.5 loaded strut 4x4

    Is there a reason why I cant run these struts on my 2wd? RC makes a 2"version and it states for both 2wd amd 4wd ??? Any info would be great. Currently have the Eibach Pro Kit lookimg for more lift..
  19. T_Rod25

    Alignment question after leveling kit/wheel and tire install

    I recently had a readylift 2” leveling kit installed along with 285/60/20 open country a/t3’s and some fuel rebel wheels in 20x10 with a -18 offset. The guy who did the install for all of that also handled getting the alignment done with a local tire shop. After receiving the truck everything...
  20. D

    Suspension Enhancement to Air Suspension

    2019 Limited 6-4", 5.7 e-Tq, 3.92 e-Locker, 4WD, KO2s at 49-55lbs. Can one effectively upgrade the factory air suspension? Add a Hellwig, or further support the truck for heavier towing (don't want a full discussion going on towing weights, payload, capacities please, been there, done that)...