2019 Ram 1500 transmission lag then jumps


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Hi, I just got my new ram last Saturday. We had the same start-jump issue when we test the truck but we thought it might be our driving problem, at least that was what the sales guy told us so. Today first day to work, it was fine in the morning but out of lunch it happened again, now I am pretty sure there is something wrong for my new truck. Then I found this thread, kinda too late since I paid off the truck already. Well this happens only randomly, I don't want to take it to my dealership and they kick me out because they can not repeat the problem over there. You said you took a video and showed them, can you tell me more detail how to take that video to prove the problem does exist? Also do you think it is a better idea to open a case with RAM before I go to my dealership for a repair?
Hi big ram,

You're always welcome to connect with us via direct message and we'd be glad to get a case started before your appointment. Keep us updated.

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