1. G

    Lemon Law Experiences

    Who has gone through this process? Did you end up with a positive outcome or do you regret trying? The highway vibration/shimmy is causing me to consider lemon law. The dealership has not been able to fix the issue. I fear the premature and uneven tire wear will be a safety concern for the life...
  2. Chris14925

    Slight vibration when turning and braking

    Sorry if this a dupe, but I searched for vibration and couldn’t find anything similar. I have a 2019 1500 limited with the 5.7 ( no etorque) and 22 inch rims. It has 28k miles, almost all highway (no towing). I have noticed that as I start to turn to pull into my driveway (low speed), I feel a...
  3. A

    Road vibration felt through pedals - still....

    Hi everyone, First time ever posting on a forum. I have a 2011 Ram 2500 6.7 ST with 55,000mi on it. I have noticed that the gas and brake pedals feel like they are vibrating and bouncing with the frame on bumps on the road. Now I know there are numerous threads covering this but they all seem...
  4. W

    4 wheel auto vibration

    Anyone else getting vibration in 4 wheel auto? It seems to happen between 30 and 40 mph. The more power I give it the worse it is.
  5. donutlou


    i have a ram 1500 black 2019 and yesterday i went out and started it like usual. it sounded like there was no muffler attached and vibrated the entire cab violently. after driving about a half mile it didn’t stop so i pulled over and turned the ignition off then back on and everything was back...