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software update

  1. RamKid2001

    Uconnect Software Update Error

    I’ve been getting this error message and my dealership can’t “recreate it” which is so stupid how if something can’t be mimicked then they won’t fix it. Anyways I’ve attached the picture below, has anyone had any luck doing an update and fixing this on their own?
  2. RamCares

    Uconnect 5 FOTA S23.13 - Released 02/02/22

    Good morning to our Ram Brand enthusiasts, Our teams have heard your concerns and will be posting out periodically in an effort to provide you with new update releases and ask for feedback on how to better serve all of you. We appreciate your patience and feedback throughout the experience...
  3. Bsteiner36

    N0GL Software Update Thread

    Since i am only able to have 10 people in the group for the N0GL hardware people I figured I would start a thread instead. I will post updates that @RamCares gives us in the message group on this thread. And we can discuss without disrupting the main thread with all the different people...
  4. B

    2019 Ram Rebel: Transmission Issues

    Hello Ram Fam, I am about 11,000 miles into my 2019 Rebel (5.7 eTorque) and I have really loved it so far. HOWEVER, the transmission has (almost) never worked as I believe it should. I have put a lot of miles on cars with the ZF-8 transmission and believe it is undoubtedly the best automatic...
  5. ebland0724

    Uconnect Market

    Uconnect Market ... https://market.mopar.com/home ... I received an email and signed up for it, but it's not on my list of Apps (2019 Laramie Sport w/ 8.4C Nav). So @RamCares when will an update be pushed out?