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sirius xm

  1. dinn2win

    Overheating 8.4" screen - Sirius XM disabled - Alternator showing 12.8v

    Yesterday my Sirius XM stopped working (a brief message popped up but never could replicate it afterwards) and the Sirius XM icon on my screen was grayed out on the screen.- so we switched to listening to the standard radio instead. Then later we noticed the 8.4" screen was extremely...
  2. G

    2022 Ram 1500 left steering wheel changing controls buttons will not work

    Good morning everyone, While en route to work for the night shift, my 2022 Ram 1500 left steering wheel changing control buttons will not work when using my Spotify while CarPlay is activated. I can not change the song, or the middle button will not work in between. I can use the screen to...
  3. bratesrule

    Subscriptions for the Infotainment

    So it happened. I have owned the truck for a year now and now i need to subscribe to EVERYTHING. Cellular, Sirius radio, some Sirus for Uconnect thing, and also another one for Nav? Am i missing any? This would get costly. What is everyone else doing with this? I am thinking maybe just keep...
  4. B

    XM Presets disappear

    XM presets disappearing I have read and searched the threads. I have tried a signal refresh, the memory seat method, and the clear personal data method. What ever I do they disappear and when I log into my account in the 12 inch radio it doesn’t stay logged on but for a few minutes and I lose...
  5. J

    Sirius XM on 12" Uconnect - Favorite Songs/Artists

    To start, I got a 2020 Ram 1500 Limited. Noticed on its uConnect that there is no list to see favorites that are currently on through XM. I did googling and came across a post here (https://5thgenrams.com/community/threads/favorite-songs-artists-xm.12469/post-217523) where someone had said that...
  6. Marios1120

    Sirius resetting on start

    Hi, I have the Uconnect 12 inch in my 2020 Laramie. Just happen yesterday, when I turn on the truck all my Sirius presets were gone as well as my favorites. I tried to add a listener but my name does not show up. In pic 1 this is what it use to look like, now is pic 2, screens changed. Contacted...
  7. T

    Ram Rebel imported from Canada Uconnect issues....... Loosing my mind!

    Need Help!! I just purchased my first Ram here in Ohio and it is a used 2019 Rebel from Canada. I am having a terrible time with Mopar and Sirius pointing fingers at each other when trying to activate the UConnect. I am also trying to figure out how to get the Day Time Running Lights off which I...
  8. N

    Uconnect Deceptive Branding & Marketing

    I am creating this thread to get a feel for how many people purchased a 2019 Ram with a Uconnect w/Sirius XM radio thinking they would be able to access the Uconnect app, but were unable to do so because their Ram was NOT outfitted with the SiriusXM Guardian equipment. The more people that...