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running boards

  1. E

    Running Boards - Anyone Selling theirs?

    Not sure if im in the right section but I was hoping someone can help me. Im looking for factory black running boards. Im located in the Houston area. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hunt0619

    Quad cab Vs Crew Cab running boards

    I’m not sure if this has been discussed or not yet so I apologize if it has been. Im not sure if this is a stupid question but are the running boards different between a quad cab and a crew cab? The reason I ask is because it’s hard to find quad cab steps and I assume mounting points would be...
  3. L

    New 2021 Ram Rebel Running Board Debate

    I just bought my Rebel a few days ago and am super excited to fit this thing out with some nice functional add-ons. I'm currently debating between the Go Rhino RB20s and the Go Rhino Dominator DSS. I haven't seen much out there as far as Rebels with the DSS side step. If anyone has, curious to...
  4. jflo117

    Crew cab 5'7 bed wheel to wheel steps for sale

    Selling my wheel to wheel steps. Replaced them with amp research ones. 250 + shipping
  5. Brog91D

    Running Boards

    Just got my 2020 3500 Tradesman and i have running boards coming tomorrow. My question is have any of you had any issues with needing to reinforce the running boards back to the frame? I know that may sound a little ridiculous but i am not sure they connect to anything other than the body...
  6. G

    Running Board Recommendation

    Can anyone recommend their running board purchase in chrome? I've been looking at runningboardwarehouse.com. Lots of disparity in pricing and don't want something that rusts. (Use salt on the roads here)
  7. G

    Power Side Step Ripped off

    Was in a guided car wash and on of their machines ripped the side step off. I had the truck raised to OR2 and the steps deployed so I know it cleared the tire guiding rails. I filed a claim with their insurance. My question is... does anyone know if just the brackets that connect the step to...