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rough country 3.5

  1. Volunteer1589

    Rough Country 3.5 Installed

    Hey y’all, Installed the Rough Country 3.5 lift today with the lifted struts and upper control arms. I went with the N3 shocks as opposed to the upgraded V2. RC N3 are supposed to be close to stock and so far I have no complaints. The ride is excellent. I had a RC 3.5 on an older Silverado and...
  2. Bignick75

    Rough Country 3.5”

    Have any of you guys had or know of any issues running the rough country 3.5 (with replacement struts, not spacers) on the Rebels? I know of issues with using the 1” taller factory bilstein struts in combination with the RC spacers up front, but am wondering if running the kit with the upgraded...
  3. Bee7_ivan

    Im not stock height anymore!!

    finally went up a few inches guys! check it out!
  4. Bee7_ivan

    I’m still afraid of my leveling kit .

    So you guys I have the 3.5 kit from Rough Country. A lot of people say the preload spacer completely ruins the ride, other say it’s not as bad as you read it is. Some people say just do a top hat spacer. The problem with that is that I don’t think they make a 3.5 inch spacer. So now I read on...
  5. Bee7_ivan

    The haunting of preload spacers!!!!

    Hello you guys! I bought the Rough Country 3.5 kit. Now I’m reading that if I want the full 3.5inches in front I will need to add the preload spacer, which “supposedly” will destroy the ride quality. Can I add a 3.5 top hat spacer instead?. How else can I get the 3.5 inches up in front? thanks
  6. Bee7_ivan

    Ready lift 3.5 isn’t really 3.5?

    I’m trying to talk my self into buying the ready lift instead of the rough country even tho I hate how the ready lift sits 1.5inches higher in the back. Anyways while I was looking into it I started seeing people talking about how you can’t use the preload spacer on 4x4 models thus causing you...
  7. Bee7_ivan

    *OFFICIAL Rough Country 3.5 // ReadyLift 3.5 thread.

    Can everyone that are running these kits Post an image below? *Rough country 3.5 or ReadyLift 3.5 *Tire brand *Tire size *Wheel size