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ram 1500

  1. K

    6.4 to 5.7 intakes

    I was looking into switching my stock intake manifold on a 2019 ram 1500 to a 6.4 as recommended from several people to gain hp/tq & 1/4 time. My question about it is, is there a 6.4 intake manifold that will bolt to a 2019 5.7 that has a "top" flow air intake rather the the angled 6.4 intakes I...
  2. R

    2022 Rebel EcoDiesel Progress

    Hey guys! I’ve had my 2022 Rebel EcoDiesel for around 6 months so far. I bought it brand new fresh off the lot and loving it so far still. Here’s my progression so far! If anyone has any input or suggestions on what to do next please let me know. Currently Done: ReadyLif 3.5” Leveling Kit Fuel...
  3. Fred_11b

    Add remote start to Ram App

    So back in 2019 I bought a brand new ram rebel. The dealer told me it came with remote start which was a feature I really wanted. After I took it home I noticed it did not have remote start. I guess it was my fault for rushing with the sale and not confirming that it had that feature. Or maybe...
  4. B

    ZF8 Trans Leaking from top on 2016 Dodge Ram v6 gas

    I have a 16 Dodge Ram with the zf8 hp50 transmission, it’s leaking from the very top. As far as I can tell it’s just a vent tube or breather on the top of the trans I have already replaced the heater assembly tube o rings , I’ve also used 3 cans of brake clean and got a bunch in my eyes lol...
  5. BigDave76

    Thoughts on this offer?

    2023 Bighorn Night Edition -Crew Cab 4x4 with 5.7 V8 Hemi -Level B Equipment Group -Technology Group -Rear Wheel House Liners -Trailer Brake Controller Advertised Price online is $48, 984 MSRP is $62,760
  6. T

    Ram 1500 seat question

    I recently bought a 2021 ram warlock with cloth seats and was wondering if a 2021 ram trx seats will fit on my truck?
  7. J

    5th gen powered tailgate

    So I have a 2019 ram 1500 4x4 crew cab Laramie, the tailgate is doing the “normal” sticking and not opening. Has anyone found a permanent replacement for the locking mechanisms to not stick again? I feel like if i buy the oem then it will just happen again. Help
  8. RobertGarcia0610

    Ram 1500 limited 2019

    I got a ram limited 2019 with 37s leveling kit and I pull the fuse out on the air suspension I’m currently riding at 43 inches at the front of my vehicle if I get the rough country lift kit will I then be at 48 I’m measuring like this photo not my photo btw got it off YouTube
  9. K

    Brand new 23 RAM Rebel Squeaking

    Hey guys, Just joined the RAM family, and bought myself a brand new 2023 RAM 1500 rebel hemi. It has about 5,000 km on it. About a month ago I started to hear this chirping and squeaking from the front driver side. Really noticeable going over speed bumps and uneven surfaces. Here is the video...
  10. G

    QUESTION ABOUT BLACK WIDOW LIFTED RAM OR LIFTED TRUCK - Squeak Noise during reverse turning?

    I own a 2022 Ram Black Widow with a 6" lift and FOX shock absorbers. I've noticed that when I reverse into a parking spot and turn the wheel completely, it makes a loud squeaking noise. This only happens when the wheel is turned fully. Since my vehicle only has 600 miles on it, I'm not sure if...
  11. ErnestRocks19

    *Ecodiesel Owners

    I have a 2022 Dodge Ram 1500 EcoDiesel and noticed after having the recall done the truck now idles around 17PSI which is awfully low IMO. Just curious what other ecodiesel owners are seeing their idle oil pressure at. I also have smoke coming off the top cap under the hood but no lights on...
  12. J

    Fogged windshield on passenger side and a vapor smelling like antifreeze

    Good day guys, I have a 2019 ram 1500 Laramie 4x4 v8 5.7. I have this fog/condensation on my windshield and it is always there. It’s winter ish time so I figured that it’s normal but we are having a few warm days and it’s still there. I just delt with thermostat change, and the smell kind of...
  13. K

    New member ram rebel build

    New member! Picked her up in march 2023. Build 99% complete (need window tint) 2020 ram rebel Spec: Metallic steel Sunroof Mft tailgate 12in Black leather Mods: bilstein 6112 1.5 in spacers Zen matte carbon steering wheel Slotted rotors Caliper covers 20/10 trx reps 295/65/20 maxxis razr...
  14. L

    Ram limited AGS code U11E9

    My truck has the code U11E9 for the ags system but since it is the limited package and has air bags I have no Air ram system to unplug to solve this issue. My mechanic came to the conclusion it was a bad system so he replaced the whole thing along with the wiring harness for the AGS system and...
  15. agill13

    No ambient lighting upper glove box

    Hi i bought a brand new 2022 ram 1500 limited a couple months back and it’s fully loaded with every option but i just noticed when i turn the ambient lighting dial up, the foot wells light up also the doors but the the upper glove box there’s no light. But i do i have lighting right above the...
  16. R

    Veraram Intake question

    I have a 2020 Ram Bighorn 5.7 Hemi. I want to install a bolt on air intake system. I have looked into a few, K&N, S&B. But I’ve been most interested in the Veraram Intake. I’ve seen a couple videos of some dyno testing and this one seems to give you the most usable power upgrade. I have 2...
  17. A

    ReadyLift- 35’s- Noise coming from rear

    So, I should’ve listened and passed on a ReadyLift… but now I am trying to solve a problem so I don’t have to go a different route. Put a 3.5” Readylift on 2022 Ram Longhorn 4x4. Ridge Grappler 35x20x12.5. Frontend was grinding and coil springs were rubbing. Come to find out, Readylift thought...
  18. R

    Rebel 1500 Built-in radar

    Hey guys, quick question! I just bought my 2022 Ram 1500 Rebel EcoDiesel and it detects every speed/red light camera with a built in feature. My question is, is this feature permanent or will it ask me to renew some sort of subscription after a month for it?
  19. W

    2019 Big Horn Intermittent backup camera issue

    Hey Folks, My ram has had ongoing intermittent backup camera failures that the dealer can’t resolve. I’ve had a new camera installed and console screen as well. Last visit, they said to maybe replace this cable: 68416840AA. I can’t figure out where this cable physically is in the truck so I can...
  20. fillepille

    New wheels for my Rebel, Will it fit? 😄

    Hey! my first post here.. I just bought a 2019 RAM Rebel with air suspension. I have bought new wheels, Fuel Rebel 20x10 325/60r20 🛞 My question is will they fit my car without any modifications? The dealer says they should fit, but some say the car needs to be lifted . what do you think?