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ram 1500

  1. A

    Replacing faulty radio on 2019 Ram 1500

    Just wanted to share my recent experience of the radio going out in my 19 Ram. Went to start the truck one morning and everything came on but the radio, messed around pressing some buttons and tried to do a reset and nothing worked. Took it to my local dodge dealership where I had to pay the...
  2. C

    Trailer brake 2020 ram

    Hi I just un hitched my trailer and in trailer brake in settings it shows current and on but it’s not letting me turn it off? Please help
  3. B

    Looking for suggestions for performance chip, intake and exhaust

    I have a new 2022 Longhorn. I'm interested in getting these performance parts to increase hp, diminish lag on throttle, improve engine efficiency and even better if it improves mpg. I've head of a few brands for the intake and exhaust but I'm still shooting in the dark and I don't want to miss...
  4. RandyMarionCDJR

    Opinions on the upcoming EV Ram?

    Rams new line of EV truck is finally taking shape. I really havent heard much from the community on this nor our customers. What is your opinion? Yeah, the truck looks awesome but do you think this is going to workout for the brand? What is your opinion on the look? These are all concepts and...
  5. H

    Aftermarket speakers install

    Hello all, hope I can have some help with this issue and enjoy my speaker system I have purchased a 2019 ram 1500 Big Horn with the 8 inch screen non alpine with a factory Amp under the driver seat. I have installed the recommended mtx terminator 69 60 watt, kicker 43dsc69304 rear speakers...
  6. T

    2019 ram Laramie passenger chirp noise

    Hello, I have a 2019 ram Laramie that has an inconsistent chirp coming from the passenger mirror. It’s typically only on the highway when it’s windy outside. I’m almost certain it’s the mirror because when I turn them in it goes away. I just want to see if anyone has come across this and found a...
  7. E

    Introducing my truck!

    Hi everyone the day has finally come like so many of you when my new truck has arrived and I just wanted to share her with all of you and I look forward to seeing yours. I ordered mine from Dan Cummins in Paris Kentucky and worked with Miles Goff who was simply outstanding with his approach to...
  8. B

    Looking to Mod my new Longhorn for MPG

    Finally for my beautiful 2022 Longhorn 1500. But with gas going up to $5/Gallon, I need to try to help the fuel efficiency and looking to ad some mods but could use advice. Heard performance intake and performance exhaust would help with this. Also thinking of adding the Pedal Max by JMS to...
  9. suln

    Wicker Bill or spoiler for 2022 Ram 1500 New Body

    Havent seen many options for 2019+ in general. Is there anything besides the Air Design spoiler for the 2022s? Im thinking of making my own Wicker Bill w either ABS plastic or lexan. Any thought or tips is appreciated!
  10. YoTwisted

    Delmonico red vinyl color match

    Has anyone found a vinyl wrap that is close to matching the delmonico red ram
  11. C

    2020 ram sport leather seat wrinkle

    I have very low miles on my 2020 ram sport and my back seat is loose and wrinkle is anyone else getting this issue?
  12. C

    Ram 1500 brakes

    Hey I have a 2020 ram 1500 and was going down the highway at 70mph and had to slam on the brakes due to a guy that lost his transmission going over a bridge and had traffic come to a halt are my brakes ok? It did not skid or anything
  13. Guysramrebel

    Which one is “better”

    If y’all were gonna buy a rebel which interior would you choose?
  14. Guysramrebel

    Ram Rebel interior

    I love all the different types of Rebel interiors, but the all black has really grown on me. Especially when clean. Red and black is nice but damn the all black is classy lol … also matches the outside of the truck perfectly.
  15. C

    4wd low 2020 ram 1500?

    There was about a foot of snow on the ground and I had to climb very steep hill and 4wd high didn’t work so I went in 4lo and made it up there hill then turned onto the next road and went about 10-12mph and then pulled over to go back to 4auto is this ok for the truck? just wanted to make sure
  16. C

    E brake ram 2020 sport ?

    I have a 2020 ram 1500 and I went to move my truck and forgot the e brake was on I gave some gas and it did not move then I realized it was on did this cause any damage
  17. C

    How to watch movies 12in screen ?

    I have a 2020 ram with the 12in screen And I’m wondering if there is a way to watch movies and yes obviously when parked or for passengers only…
  18. Tesla

    TRX Delivery Timing

    Does anyone know the current estimated time for delivery if you factory order a TRX? Any options that could cause a delay in the order?
  19. Guysramrebel

    Off road pages

    Hey everyone, After coming from an 8.4 Nav to a 12.1 Nav it does this after a random uconnect install. Does anyone have any advise on how to change off road pages back to the full 12.1 inch screen? Any advice? Uconnect? Dealer flash? Tazer obd? Still works and looks fine in cluster. Any...
  20. Guysramrebel

    12 inch unconnect question

    Hello everyone, I upgraded my 8.4 inch nav screen to a 12.1 inch screen from infotainment.com everything works great but I have been battling uconnect to stop sending me updates for the 8.4 screen and to switch it to the 12.1 updates. Uconnect says only my dealer can do it and guess what the...