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ram 1500

  1. R

    Rebel 1500 Built-in radar

    Hey guys, quick question! I just bought my 2022 Ram 1500 Rebel EcoDiesel and it detects every speed/red light camera with a built in feature. My question is, is this feature permanent or will it ask me to renew some sort of subscription after a month for it?
  2. W

    2019 Big Horn Intermittent backup camera issue

    Hey Folks, My ram has had ongoing intermittent backup camera failures that the dealer can’t resolve. I’ve had a new camera installed and console screen as well. Last visit, they said to maybe replace this cable: 68416840AA. I can’t figure out where this cable physically is in the truck so I can...
  3. fillepille

    New wheels for my Rebel, Will it fit? 😄

    Hey! my first post here.. I just bought a 2019 RAM Rebel with air suspension. I have bought new wheels, Fuel Rebel 20x10 325/60r20 🛞 My question is will they fit my car without any modifications? The dealer says they should fit, but some say the car needs to be lifted . what do you think?
  4. Jakefromstatefarm22

    Recent issues with 2022 Ram 1500

    Hello everyone, I really want your thoughts on any recent issues. As you've probably seen from my previous post, the 12 in uconnect has been a glitching disaster for me. Now just recently, the check engine light and start/stop light with an exclamation point both turned on simultaneously...
  5. Jakefromstatefarm22

    Start/Stop and Engine light at same time

    On top of my 12 inch infotainment system having glitches I had these two lights go on at the same time and it wouldn’t let my truck re engage Tow/haul mode. Will be taking it into the shop. Extremely disappointed in the ram 1500 thus far.
  6. C

    Guidance on towing capacity for a 2019 RAM1500 Warlock 4x4 5.7L

    Fairly new to towing with this new rig....a RAM and a larger trailer. I am seeing conflicting messages on what my truck is rated for 7600 - 12k lbs plus tow capacity. My new travel trailer is 7600 lbs dry weight. Will this truck work, and if not, are there any upgrades I can do (cost...
  7. JustinRibeirooo

    Rebel/Ecodiesel Front Tow/accessory Hitch Info.

    Hey everyone, Looking to start a thread for installing a front tow/accessory hitch on the Rebel and EcoDiesel models. I tried to swift through the internet and threads but was unsuccessful in finding anything. If I missed it, please post a link below. I have a 2020 RAM Rebel EcoDiesel. I have a...
  8. C

    Ram 1500 governed ?

    How to get rid of the speed limited feature I was at the track doing some speed runs And it wouldn’t go over 105mph how to get rid of it ?
  9. J

    Key Fob Not Responding and Truck Won't Start - Possible Water Damage?

    Hello all, My 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie stopped responding to the key fob today, and wont even allow me to start the truck using the key fob on the PTS button. We had almost 3 inches of rain in the last few days, and I found the floor mat on the right rear side absolutely soaked. I reached back to...
  10. treehorse3

    Santa Clarita RAM - 1st Time Owner

    Hey y'all I'm out in the Los Angeles area here and absolutely love my '19 RAM 1500 Big Horn. I'm a gear head and while my compulsive modding has slowed down tremendously since the JDM days with my 350Z, I do love working on my truck and doing the basic maintenance myself. First mod is a fumoto...
  11. B

    2019 ram 1500 wheels & tire fitment

    Ordered a 3.5” rough country lift. Was hoping to put 35”x12.5” tires on 18x9 wheels with about -12 offset. Curious if anyone on here has a similar setup and if they experienced any rubbing? Also would like to get some opinions on how this setup would do off-roading. Family and I are now...
  12. C

    Speed bump ram 1500 4x4

    Hi just wondering what speed y’all do I usually go about 7mph on speed bumps is that to quick or will it damage my truck over time ? It’s a 2020 ram sport with no air suspension and no lift kit all stock
  13. RandyMarionCDJR

    A look at all upcoming Truck EV designs

    I came across this video & really enjoyed the depth of information on each vehicle.
  14. A

    Replacing faulty radio on 2019 Ram 1500

    Just wanted to share my recent experience of the radio going out in my 19 Ram. Went to start the truck one morning and everything came on but the radio, messed around pressing some buttons and tried to do a reset and nothing worked. Took it to my local dodge dealership where I had to pay the...
  15. C

    Trailer brake 2020 ram

    Hi I just un hitched my trailer and in trailer brake in settings it shows current and on but it’s not letting me turn it off? Please help
  16. B

    Looking for suggestions for performance chip, intake and exhaust

    I have a new 2022 Longhorn. I'm interested in getting these performance parts to increase hp, diminish lag on throttle, improve engine efficiency and even better if it improves mpg. I've head of a few brands for the intake and exhaust but I'm still shooting in the dark and I don't want to miss...
  17. RandyMarionCDJR

    Opinions on the upcoming EV Ram?

    Rams new line of EV truck is finally taking shape. I really havent heard much from the community on this nor our customers. What is your opinion? Yeah, the truck looks awesome but do you think this is going to workout for the brand? What is your opinion on the look? These are all concepts and...
  18. H

    Aftermarket speakers install

    Hello all, hope I can have some help with this issue and enjoy my speaker system I have purchased a 2019 ram 1500 Big Horn with the 8 inch screen non alpine with a factory Amp under the driver seat. I have installed the recommended mtx terminator 69 60 watt, kicker 43dsc69304 rear speakers...
  19. T

    2019 ram Laramie passenger chirp noise

    Hello, I have a 2019 ram Laramie that has an inconsistent chirp coming from the passenger mirror. It’s typically only on the highway when it’s windy outside. I’m almost certain it’s the mirror because when I turn them in it goes away. I just want to see if anyone has come across this and found a...
  20. E

    Introducing my truck!

    Hi everyone the day has finally come like so many of you when my new truck has arrived and I just wanted to share her with all of you and I look forward to seeing yours. I ordered mine from Dan Cummins in Paris Kentucky and worked with Miles Goff who was simply outstanding with his approach to...