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ram 1500

  1. J

    RAM Built to Serve chipped bumper :/

    Just got myself a new 2021 Tank green Built to serve and I love it! First thing I did with it was get a pro-graphene coating, but that’s just the beginning when it comes to what I wanna do with the truck lol. I’ve had it for about 2 weeks now and noticed that my front bumper chips very easily...
  2. B

    Speaker rattling noise from back left window

    I have the 19 speaker HK system in my 21 Ram sport. Recently I’ve been noticing a rattle coming from the back left window area. You can only hear it when the bass hits. You can hear it on volume 9 and higher. I haven’t ever gone over 18 volume. When I bought the truck I never had any issues...
  3. Shifts And Grins Fab

    Rear TRX Tow Hook Brackets

    I finally got the prototypes done and started sccepting preorders for the Rear Tow Hook Brackets to accept the TRX Rear Tow Hooks. These work on the full line of 5th Gen Ram 1500 trucks. Preorders end tonight. We will still accept orders after today but lead times will be puched out further. The...
  4. Guysramrebel

    Should I do this?

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to start off saying you’ve heard this before, but I love the ram community and support so much that I have to ask this. So a little less then two months ago I traded my payed off 2015 V6 mustang for a 2021 ram rebel and though I miss the mustang I love the ram rebel...
  5. P

    2019DodgeRam1500 sport won’t start

    Has a service electronic stability control/ service trailer brake And other sensors at unavailable Key fob isn’t dead I used my spare, same thing. locks and unlocks, but wouldn’t start just glitches out when I try to start. No crank, and remote start does not work. I tried jumping it, and it...
  6. mkelly4512

    On and Off Check Engine Light

    2019 RAM 1500 3.6 Bighorn with eTorque. Bought at ~33k miles, certified pre-owned, so has an extra 3k miles on bumper to bumper warranty. Ever since I bought it, I've had a stubborn CEL continuously coming on and off and have been in and out of the dealership and feel like I'm getting the...
  7. D

    Groaning noise only while backing, neutral or reverse

    Ongoing problem since day 1 with my ‘19 Ram 1500 5th Gen - been do the dealer multiple times for same issue and they haven’t resolved!! When does the issue become a lemon when the problem continues and is not rectified? They say it’s “normal operation” I call BS, this isn’t my first Ram or...
  8. Marios1120

    Sirius resetting on start

    Hi, I have the Uconnect 12 inch in my 2020 Laramie. Just happen yesterday, when I turn on the truck all my Sirius presets were gone as well as my favorites. I tried to add a listener but my name does not show up. In pic 1 this is what it use to look like, now is pic 2, screens changed. Contacted...
  9. A

    Employee pricing

    Selling any Ram 1500 Trim (with the exception of TRX) at employee pricing. Feel free to reach out. Aydin @ Bud Clary Auburn CDJR in Washington 206-631-9667
  10. A


    My name is Aydin, I am a sales person at Bud Clary Auburn CDJR located in Washington. If you're looking for a RAM TRX at MSRP feel free to reach out to me via text at 206-631-9667. Also have killer deals on any Ram 15,25, or 3500. Night edition or not. Let me know.
  11. drive615

    TRX vs. Raptor

    Safe to say I know where you guys stand...
  12. RajD1992

    Weird condensation build up

    Hey guys so I post here from time to time I have a 2019 Ram 1500 Limited 4x4, have owned it since September 2019 with no huge issues and it’s been a dream of a truck. However we had a lot of rain a few nights ago and today when I got in to drive I noticed condensation on the window but it was...
  13. N


    I do not own a test light to check for power . Anybody know which wire coloring is pos/neg?
  14. B

    Towing help for new 1500 purchase

    I recently bought a travel trailer with a overall length of 32'm 7500 dry weight and 833lb tongue weight. My question is because I just recently sold my truck 6 months ago and now need an new truck is what to get. my old truck was a 1500 big horn. Id love to get a new 1500 because I only tow a...
  15. 2020ramlimited13

    Will the warranty be voided on my airbags if I lift my 2020 1500?

    I have a 2020 ram 1500 limited with air bags. I’m thinking about lifting it, but not sure if that’s a great idea because I don’t want to void the warranty on the airbags. If anyone has any info that could sway my mind, please help. Last thing I wanna do is lift my truck and the air bags have...
  16. T

    First Ram, first pickup very excited.

    This is my first pickup ever. Had 3 Jeep CJ's, 1 Jeep Willys TJ, Ford Explorer, Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander. This truck is huge and looks awesome. I love the rebel package. Put the Westin steps on and a bedbug so far. Waiting for the cover. Can't wait to go through some of these threads...
  17. K

    Tow Hook Installation

    Hi All- I just attempted an OEM tow hook installation on my 2020, and the long body mount bolt that is existing on the truck would not come out; to the point where the head began to start to round off. I left it alone but any suggestions/experience with this issue? Thanks, Ken
  18. M

    2021 Ram 1500 Big Horn Fuse Diagram and the BCM

    I bought my '21 Ram 1500 a few weeks ago. It had a battery drain and has been at the dealers for 10 days now and they don't know what's wrong. They think it has something to do with the body control module (BCM). Anyways, I had a radar detector I installed the day I got it using a fuse jumper...
  19. Lensram88

    Engine sound under load

    So I have been to 2 FCA dealers to address the problem. Both couldn’t figure it out and one told me it was “normal” because another Ram was doing it. So I decided to take the truck to a non FCA Garage for a third opinion. They are telling me it is engine ping. I am getting a weird sound...
  20. N

    Door/side protection

    Hello, First post to this community. So much helpful information, thank you. I have ordered a new Ram 1500 Limited here in France to be delivered in 2021. Anyone who has visited France will know the parking spaces are hardly welcoming! Therefore, I am looking for an easily removable 'bumper'...