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ram 1500

  1. Guysramrebel

    Off road pages

    Hey everyone, After coming from an 8.4 Nav to a 12.1 Nav it does this after a random uconnect install. Does anyone have any advise on how to change off road pages back to the full 12.1 inch screen? Any advice? Uconnect? Dealer flash? Tazer obd? Still works and looks fine in cluster. Any...
  2. Guysramrebel

    12 inch unconnect question

    Hello everyone, I upgraded my 8.4 inch nav screen to a 12.1 inch screen from infotainment.com everything works great but I have been battling uconnect to stop sending me updates for the 8.4 screen and to switch it to the 12.1 updates. Uconnect says only my dealer can do it and guess what the...
  3. C

    2020 ram 1500

    What’s everyone running for tire pressure On the stock 275/55r20 tires Door says 36psi cold
  4. Guysramrebel

    Rebel VS Warlock

    My buddy just got a 2021 warlock and swears that it compares and competes with my 2021 rebel, personal I understand that the warlock has the rebel appearance but what do y’all think? Are they really that similar?
  5. AMS Guru

    MY22 1500DT Brochure

    I was informed this morning that the MY22 1500DT brochure is being finalized this week of Oct. 11th and should be available for download soon. I'll be updated on my end when a firmer date is available and I'll edit this post when that information is available. So far my source has been spot-on...
  6. Koons_Tysons_Corner

    Ram TRX $9500 OFF MSRP

    Hey All, This just in, from now until further notice.... Ram TRX will be $9500 OFF MSRP pricing on Factory Orders only. plus tax, tags and 899 processing. As always, please email me as I am the only one here who handles the program. [email protected] Thanks, -Craig
  7. Shifts And Grins Fab

    5th Gen Ram 1500 30" Light Bar Bracket Set

    We went live with our 5th Gen Ram 1500 30" Light Bar Bracket sets. They have been selling super fast. They allow you to mount a 30" light bar behind the lower grille in the bumper. With drilling they could be used on many applications and used for shorter light bars as well. We built out all of...
  8. G

    Requesting Possible Issue Problem & Resolution Sets - Defrost / Vent Issue - 27 August 2021

    27 August 2021 Requesting Possible Issue Problem & Resolution Sets? I have a RAM 1500, 5.7, Crew Cab, 2019, with 17000miles. (Yes, still under warrantee, but Service (twice) has not been able to diagnose). Setting the Stage: - Air-flow set on re-circulate; vent setting in chest only (NO...
  9. 2021 Ram 1500 limited longhorn with check engine light

    Hey all! I’m new to the site so I’m not really sure where this is supposed to go but just looking for some help/insight. I have a 2021 ram 1500 ecodiesel that I bought brand new from the dealer around the beginning of may. Keep In mind this is my daily, I drive about 140 or so all highway miles...
  10. Shifts And Grins Fab

    Water Fowler 41 30" Light Bar Brackets

    Britt, aka Water Fowler 41 sent over some measurements for a light bar bracket he designed to install a 30" light bar. We put our spin on it and are going to producing these. We ordered a full sheet from laser cutting. Once we get our laser and powder coat costs locked down, we will have a price...
  11. A

    New body vs classic???

    Is there any difference between the 2019 classic and 2019 new body front end suspension. I’m trying to buy bilstein 5100 for a 2019 ram 1500 bighorn new body and seem to hit a dead end. Or can anyone recommend front end shocks? I’m currently installing the 3.5” ready lift and had the 8mm and...
  12. C

    Oil change for 5th gen

    Hi so my truck came with oil changes for life from the dealer and I found out there regular not synthetic so I’m pretty upset should I pay for synthetic or use the free oil changes for life?
  13. C

    5th gen ram truck cover? Cats keep climbing on

    Hi so my neibors cat likes to climb all over my truck and the roof I’m not happy with it will my paint get destroyed from this and how can I keep these dirty paws off my baby? Any ideas and is there a truck cover available for when I’m not driving it
  14. T

    Total height of Ram 1500 with 3.5” suspension lift and 35s

    Hey guys, Getting a Readylift 3.5” STT lift installed next week on my 2020 Ram 1500. I am debating between 33” or 35” tires. The truck cannot be higher than 7’ total to fit in my garage. Can someone that has this setup provide info what total truck height (to top of fin) is with 35” tires? I...
  15. m_d_p

    2019 and 2021 Ram 1500 5.7L Rebel owner review(s)

    Hi, this site has been pretty useful as a previously prospective, and now owner of 2 Rebels in as many months so thought I'd pay it back and help future owners with a short review/opinion piece. Few up-front notes: 1. Be kind. First time truck owner, first time American brand owner (FCA, i...
  16. LIMITED Conversation

    2019 Ram 1500 Limited 4x2 air ride lifted

    Good afternoon, My limited with air ride folks, I will say that I was sad to hear that there aren't many options to lift your vehicle, but I did find that BDS makes a lift kit that should fit the 4x4 air ride. What I didn't know was could that lift kit for the 4x4 air ride suspension fit on...
  17. J

    RAM Built to Serve chipped bumper :/

    Just got myself a new 2021 Tank green Built to serve and I love it! First thing I did with it was get a pro-graphene coating, but that’s just the beginning when it comes to what I wanna do with the truck lol. I’ve had it for about 2 weeks now and noticed that my front bumper chips very easily...
  18. B

    Speaker rattling noise from back left window

    I have the 19 speaker HK system in my 21 Ram sport. Recently I’ve been noticing a rattle coming from the back left window area. You can only hear it when the bass hits. You can hear it on volume 9 and higher. I haven’t ever gone over 18 volume. When I bought the truck I never had any issues...
  19. Shifts And Grins Fab

    Rear TRX Tow Hook Brackets

    I finally got the prototypes done and started sccepting preorders for the Rear Tow Hook Brackets to accept the TRX Rear Tow Hooks. These work on the full line of 5th Gen Ram 1500 trucks. Preorders end tonight. We will still accept orders after today but lead times will be puched out further. The...
  20. Guysramrebel

    Should I do this?

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to start off saying you’ve heard this before, but I love the ram community and support so much that I have to ask this. So a little less then two months ago I traded my payed off 2015 V6 mustang for a 2021 ram rebel and though I miss the mustang I love the ram rebel...