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power running boards

  1. Sjleo1288

    Dead Battery maybe 4th Tow

    Here we go again, with the “dead battery’ Truck worked fine for 5 months since my last tow Sept 2020..All was good codes were cleared air suspension worked fine and running boards deployed..Until 1/18/21 tried to remote start 36’ dregs , No engine running horned sounded once. I went out to...
  2. nate2404usa

    2020 2500 power running boards problems.

    Well my passenger running board has been acting up a couple days after taking posesion. Called a dealship to schedule to get it addressed. Of course got the we have to duplicate the issue. Told them I got video of it getting stuck on nothing. Told them I will clear my whole day to sit there...
  3. W

    2020 Rebel Major Issue with Powered Running Boards Steps

    Hello So I purchased a 2020 Rebel with the E-torque option and Ramboxes installed Then I purchased the Mopar Kit with Powered Running Boards to install. The issue I am having is that you are supposed to wire this into the fuse box. Into the slot that has a fuse position for the powered running...
  4. F

    Problems with power running boards

    Bought a new 3500 Laramie and the drivers side running board is having difficulties immediately after delivery. It sometimes doesn’t deploy and often when it retracts it stops and redeploys. The display reports a possible obstruction but that’s not an issue. Dealer had it for a week and they...
  5. grynidbandit

    2019 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn FULL Chrome Delete

    After 4 long months I FINALLY finished Chrome Delete on my Laramie Longhorn(LOT OF CHROME) & figured I'd share before/after pics.
  6. R

    2019 Ram 1500 Power running boards add on lights

    Hi i am thinking of adding running board lights to my existing power running boards equipped from the factory. will this work the new 5th gen Rams?
  7. tuner1129

    Questions/help on powered running board install

    So after the dealer said it would take 8hrs labor, I decided to doit myself. I was lucky to find these because no one else has them. It took me 3 hrs but everthing works as it should. Do I need to go to the dealer and add the sales code to my vin? Do these oem running boards tend to sag a slight...