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  1. redriderbob

    Grand Wagoneer Overland Concept Takes Off-Road Exploration to the Next Level

    Grand Wagoneer Overland Concept Takes Off-Road Exploration to the Next Level Takes Grand Wagoneer into Uncharted Territories of Comfort and Adventure... One such vehicle is the 2023 Grand Wagoneer Overland Concept, which reinterprets the legendary legacy of the Grand Wagoneer and takes it...
  2. VICE design

    Low Profile Winch Bumper (EcoDiesel Compatible)

    I've been asked for a while about one and after a long time in development I'm super happy we're ready to release this one. Designed specifically for the 5th Gen Ram Rebel. The goal was to create a replacement bumper that complemented the rebels body and grill lines, didn't add too much...
  3. redriderbob

    RMT Overland’s Ram 2500 RMT Off-Road Offers 5-Inches Of Lift!

    RMT Overland’s Ram 2500 RMT Off-Road Offers 5-Inches Of Lift! Upgraded Suspension Upgraded Suspension, 37-Inch Tires, & A 36,000-Mile Warranty... Originally founded as Rocky Mountain Truckworks in 1978, RMT Overland made a name for itself by building customized trucks and conversion vans in...
  4. PRSGuitarist

    New CPO Crew Cab/Overland build.

    Hey everyone, new to the forum and thought I'd share my newly aquired 2019 Crew cab that I will be turning into a "discreet" overlander. This is my 2nd Ram, after I leased a 2020 quad cab at the start of Covid and got a hell of a deal and wanted to see if Iiked Ram products. Sold it back way...
  5. J

    6"lift and 37"s

    Just curious if anyone has a 2021 laramie 1500 with a 6 inch lift and 37" tires and 3:92 gears. Just curious as to how much it affects the power and or towing. I have a 30 foot camper I haul that weighs 5600lbs dry and 7600lbs with full tanks. I am dumping 12k into the start of an overland rig...
  6. S

    Aftermarket Lockers?

    I have a 2019 Tradesman with 3.21 gears and a standard differential (which I believe is the Chrysler 9.25). I’m building up the truck for overlanding/off-roading and I’m interested in an aftermarket selectable rear locker, however, they’re really hard to find on the internet. Can anyone point me...
  7. S


    Welcome to the thread! Here I’ll be posting updates and taking suggestions for my ”Poor Man’s Rebel” build project. Keep reading for a description of the project and a full list of completed and planned mods. All advice is welcome so if you have any thoughts, please share them! I got my brand...
  8. TruckDriver

    National Park Overlanding - CA | AZ

    Off-Roading & Overlanding - I've never really had the opportunity, but I have a road trip coming up in a month or two traveling from NorCal to Flagstaff, passing this variety of National Parks along the way. Anyone with suggestions on which of two of these parks to take a short overland trail in...
  9. roland958

    Roof rack...

    Finally added the light bar and roof rack. I have to buy different components from different companies as they dont offer any racks for our 2019 RAM 1500. Took me a while but 'm happy with the outcome.