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off road package

  1. 2

    2021 RAM 1500 Big Horn w/ Off-Road Package - Wheel Fitment

    Hi All, I’m new to the RAM family - I just bought a used 2021 Ram 1500 Big Horn, Night Edition, with the “Off-Road Package”. One thing that’s not clear to me is the stock suspension setup. I have coils in the front and coils in the rear - but with an air(?) bag underneath the rear coils. When I...
  2. H

    Iron Cross Low Profile Bumper

    Good day y'all. Wondering if anyone here has installed an Iron Cross low profile front bumper? I am interested in having it installed on my 2020 tradesman w/ ORP. Just haven't seen any photos of the new body Rams with it on so I don't want to rush to buy it.. Looking forward to your replies!
  3. D

    Aftermarket Lights

    Hey everyone! I am looking to add ditch lights (Rigid or Baja) and would also like to add a light bar in the grill. Any recommendations / Pictures what has worked for you?! outside of Rough Country I can’t seem to find a company with a good kit. 2021 Laramie Night Edition with OffRoad Package
  4. A

    Rebel vs. Off Road Package

    I'm looking to turn in my 2019 Bighorn lease early for a new truck. Does anyone know if there is a big difference between the on/off highway ride between a Laramie with the off road package and a Rebel? My head is spinning between these two trucks. Any insight to help me make a decision? Thanks!
  5. T

    Largest Tire Size?? 2021 Limited w/ Off Road Package

    Seen a lot of threads on air suspension and tire size plus a bunch when adding the links and spacers.... My questions is how large of a tire have others successfully installed on a Limited w/ ORP given the 1" extra height? I might add links and pucks in future but out the gate want to stick...
  6. Donnygee


    What’s up everyone? New to the site, just picked up a new max steel rebel! looking for any suggestions on mods, and or any other tips you guys can provide being a first time truck owner. Thanks in advance!
  7. R

    My Christmas Present to Me (Finally)

    Hey all, I took my new Laramie into the upfitter yesterday and wanted to share a couple of pics. It's been a six month journey to find the perfect canvas for what I wanted to do, and 5thgenrams has been a huge help on multiple topics. I've had a '13 and a '16 Ram Sport, and really loved the...
  8. alacombe

    2019 Ram 1500 Quad Cab w/Off Road Package

    Off Road Skid Plates w/full size 20in Faulken Spare Tire. Also, a shot of the rear suspension spring.