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off road

  1. Rsorrell2

    Added engine and tranny skid plate

    Added engine and tranny skid plate from Dethloff man. i have the 4x4 off-road package but for some reason FCA does not think you need a skid plate for the engine. not just for off reading but in case you run over something on the road. simple and easy install. complete package.
  2. G

    2021 Uconnect Offroad Pages

    I see the 2021 1500's offer the offroad pages on the 8.4 & 12.1" screens now. I was hoping somebody who has a new 2021 with offroad pages could post up what Software version their Uconnect is running. I currently have the Offroad pages option turned on in AlfaOBD on my 2019 HD, however since...
  3. RockYacht2020

    Road trip! Barfoot/Rustler Park in the Chiracauas above Portal, Arizona

    Just got back from spending a week up in the Chiracaua Mountains, specifically at Barfoot Park (dispersed camping) near the Rustler Park Campground (vault toilets and ramadas with tables for $20/night...not worth it IMO). It was BEAUTIFUL up there at around 8300 ft. The drive from Tucson takes...
  4. RedBeard85

    Rebel or Aftermarket Bumper

    Would it be possible to swap out the stock bighorn bumper for the Rebel bumper/skid? Aftermarket options are decent but limited... Looking for increased approach angles in Northern AZ, Utah, Colorado rocky off road landscape. Currently the truck is stock, but planning a 3.5" lift with 35"s...
  5. Ramdo

    Icon Vehicle Dynamics Vs. King Coilovers

    I am between these two 2.5" performance leveling packages: Icon Stage One - 2.5 Coilover front / 2.0 shock rear, non - reservoir, no compression adjusters King - 2.5 front and rear - 2.5 Coilover front / 2.5 shock rear, both HAVE reservoirs, both have compression adjusters I am running rough...