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  1. C

    MFT (multi-function-tailgate) on my 19' Ram Rebel Won't open

    Hello everyone, as the title says I have a 19' Rebel with the MFT and since I bought it (used) a year ago, when opening the barn doors (pressing the bottom function/handle) the 60% door would sort of catch when opening it. Now for the last couple of months, when pushing the downward handle the...
  2. D

    Adding Tow Camera to 2022 with technology pkg

    Simple question. Where does the tow camera connect for 2022 1500s with the electronic rear view mirror? I have a 2022 1500 Rebel with the technology package and electronic rear view mirror. I read that 2021s can add an additional camera (tow camera) because there are two FAKRA connectors in...
  3. A

    Tri-fold Tonneau Cover for 2022 Ram 1500 Limited with rambox and MFT

    Does anyone have any pics or video that they can post on the mopar tonneau cover 82215225ad. This appears to be the only OEM Hard Tonneau Cover available for my truck but there are almost no pics or videos of this product. The few pics I have found the cover looks a little too glossy for my...
  4. OldCheyenne

    Unable to lock tailgate on 2022 Limited with MFT

    Just took delivery of my new 2022 10th Anniversary Edition Limited with Ramboxes and MFT. Noticed today that I cannot lock the tailgate. It does not lock when locking the doors with the door handle button. The Ramboxes lock fine. The tailgate will also not lock when using the key fob to...
  5. S

    Limited w/MFT RetraxPro XR Install video

    Hey all, I finally got my video up on youtube: It's kind of lengthy, but it is comprehensive and should cover everything regarding the Righton Brackets, Retrax install, and aftermarket LED bed installation. Hope it helps some of you guys out. Let me know if you have any other questions too.
  6. 7

    Tonneau cover MFT

    I cannot find a cover for my 5 7 bed with MFT tailgate please help