1. V

    Leather dash lifting away and crating bubbles, seats peeling

    I have a 2019 Ram 1500 Limited and I recently starting noticing my leather is pulling away from the dash and in a matter of a month it's become pretty significant. I always use a window shade on the windshield. It's also starting t crack/peel near above the upper tray where they power outlet...
  2. T

    Center console leather/vinyl damage repair

    I'm not entirely sure what happened here but does anyone know of some product I can use to touch up the color so it's not an eyesore and protect the rest of the console?
  3. d_THRILL

    Leather Discoloration

    Is anyone having any issues with their leather discoloring? Specifically, the Indigo/Frost leather interior? I have several spots (on the blue portion of the leather) on the back of both front seats that look like the dye is fading. It's almost as if you had white chalk on your hands and touched...