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hidden winch

  1. VICE design

    Winch mount on a TRX

    Because someone has to pull out the stuck raptors. And sometimes we all get carried away with 702 horsepower and send it too hard. Very happy to say we've expanded our trusted and most popular product to the TRX. Our hidden winch kit lets you take your TRX even further. I've been emailed and...
  2. VICE design

    Low Profile Winch Bumper (EcoDiesel Compatible)

    I've been asked for a while about one and after a long time in development I'm super happy we're ready to release this one. Designed specifically for the 5th Gen Ram Rebel. The goal was to create a replacement bumper that complemented the rebels body and grill lines, didn't add too much...
  3. T

    Hidden winch mount for 2019 Big Horn

    I have a 2019 Big Horn 4 x 4 off-road. I am looking for one of two things. A hidden winch mount or a bull bar with a winch mount that isn’t super big and ugly. I thought I had read that the big horn has the clearance behind the bumper for a hidden one like the rebel has. Does anyone have...
  4. VICE design

    5th Gen Hidden Winch

    Figured I'd make an Official Thread for our Integrated Winch Mount Kit for the 5th Gen 1500's. In my opinion one of the most functional upgrades you can bolt on your RAM truck. Be prepared whenever and wherever you are. Building on what I learned designing our very popular 4th Gen Rebel Winch...