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  1. LimitedHalo

    Super 10 with rear resonator delete?

    I recently just got my 23 Ram 1500 done with the super 10 exhaust with the rear resonators still on. Sounds good no real drone forreal. I know with the 5th gens there 3 resonators Wanted to find out if i deleted the rear resonators will it make it a lil deeper and how is the drone if there is?
  2. R

    Tune for Flowmaster outlaw direct fit muffler?

    So, I'm pretty new to the truck world so bare with me. I have had cars and bikes, all of which I have upgraded exhausts and intake and with that have always had tunes done to adjust for these modifications. I've never done just a bolt on muffler. However based of what i've always been told about...
  3. AyoungBighorn

    Muffler recommendation

    Hey, just wondering what everyone is installing for aftermarket mufflers. Looking for a cheap alternative for a better sound. Not looking for overly loud and annoying. Looking for any input
  4. branden_f

    Flowmaster Outlaw Catback

    I’ve installed my catback exhaust with no issues but I can’t figure out how the red hanger goes on. Any ideas??
  5. R

    2021 5.7L muffler size/configuration?

    Hello, Can someone help me confirm the relevant sizes & configuration for an aftermarket impeller? I have a 2021 Ram 1500 5.7L - I believe it is 3" in and 3" out (single inlet/outlet) but wanted to be sure of the configuration (centered/off-set)? I'm looking at the Flowmaster 50 Series Heavy...
  6. spb_sloram

    In-depth review of Flowmaster Super 10 with factory resonators

    Hey everyone! Just thought I’d throw this out there for anyone who needs help picking out an exhaust for their truck. If you want something to wake it up a little bit, but not be too over the top then this exhaust is for you. Flowmaster Super 10 video I’ve got some comparisons between stock...
  7. ZachhAttackkk93

    Exhaust dealer or affiliate.

    First post y'all. Looking to buy an exhaust for my Big Horn, set on Flowmaster's American Thunder series P/N 817843... Given the times, are there any smaller shops or dealers that can get me one? I'd like to support smaller businesses, if possible. I'm located in southern California (93041)...

    3” catback exhaust 817843 American Thunder

    Has anyone installed this exhaust? I am leaning towards it as Kit has Super 50 muffler with 3” tubing and eliminates all resonators. Wish it had 5” tips but could change that. Anyone who has it please give feedback. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. SexyJustice

    Borla Cat-Back Exhaust Systems for 6.4 Bed?

    I've looked through the Borla catalog but I noticed the compatibility details list Crew Cab with short bed or Quad Cab with 6.4 Standard Bed. I have a Crew cab with a 6.4 bed. Has anyone found a compatible setup? If not what's a good alternative?