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engine light

  1. cdalesch

    Pulsar Piggy Back - Engine light on

    Anybody else have this issue? Going to get a reader to find out the code. It started missing then limiting the power!
  2. S

    Service Electronic Stability Control light

    Hey Everyone! We have a 2020 Limited, today we were driving and randomly a message came up on the screen saying SERVICE ELECTRONIC STABILITY CONTROL, the engine light also lit up. We were on our street when this happened so my husband parked and turned off the truck, turned it back on after...
  3. Nsleone

    Engine Codes

    Hello all, I've had my 2020 ram 1500 for about 3 months now (got it new) and I have just over 8200 miles on it with no issues until tonight. Tonight just after pulling out of the driveway the engine light came on and my OBDII reader showed codes P1D73 and U1850. According to the internet those...