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  1. Old Ram

    New Limited W/Dash quality control issue

    Hey Guys, After watching this forum since the beginning and patiently waiting on the bugs to get worked out I finally pulled the trigger and traded in my beloved 2016 Longhorn on a 2021 Limited. So far the truck is everything I had expected, was able to find one with the long wheelbase and...
  2. V

    Leather dash lifting away and crating bubbles, seats peeling

    I have a 2019 Ram 1500 Limited and I recently starting noticing my leather is pulling away from the dash and in a matter of a month it's become pretty significant. I always use a window shade on the windshield. It's also starting t crack/peel near above the upper tray where they power outlet...
  3. R

    Easter Egg from the Line Worker Building Our Truck?

    I was installing a front and rear dash cam (A129 Duo) into my dad's 2019 Ram and noticed an interesting little detail welded into the frame. It appears to be a metal disc or coin that has been welded onto the frame behind both corner/side dash panels. The discs or coins have the Christian...